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no1 knows?
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laughed a lot. up
Vote kick Krewella
FlipSid3 vs Nostalgie
hr? :D u must be high right now!
FlipSid3 vs Vexed
pretty much what happened in every other bigger town aswell :D noone reported it yet... saw it myself in düsseldorf, got plenty friends who were in other big cities experiencing exactly the same stuf...
Natus Vincere vs CyberZen
still why would he move his mouse like that in freezetime? :D i mean jamming on his keyboard might be a buy or a little sentence in chat but that mouse movement was just weird :D
Natus Vincere vs CyberZen
is this chinese next to the camera on aderall? jesus christ he just acted like he is smashing his mouse and keyboard :D tryna act super pro? :o
I played an esea pug with him and I have to say that he is a really nice guy tbh! On top of that he plays pretty good and got good communication. I think the thing about bad or good stats is how u ...
HellRaisers vs LGB
eaziest skins ever! bet 288$ on hr, never lost hope :D 98$ inc
Natus Vincere vs
the damn precast statistic... talking some #murican, never getting to a point... just start the damn game in time or let the teams at least vote maps -.-
Cevo twitch stream
there is an app for mlg aswell
im PEDQBEAR talking about the pasha incident
+ 1 :D I can just agree with you in terms of betting scandals with virtus pro. There are rumours ever since not to bet on virtus if they have >60% on csgolounge... If you look at it more precisely,...