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1.6 movement
Movement does not equate to bhopping. Movement in 1.6 encompassed so much more than simply being able to bunny hop (duck peaking, ladder manipulation, recoil resetting, etc) and is what made 1.6 a gam...
1.6 movement
Best DJ
Eric Prydz and Flume
Best DJ
You realize it's possible to like his music pre-Kaleidoscope (In My Memory, Just Be, Elements of Life) and his music now, right?
Thorin rage quitting like a baby when proven wrong: RL being so professional:
how mad are you? easiest skins of my life
deep house Duke Dumont EDX Martin Solveig
Liquid vs fnatic
Bernie Sanders...
I support Planned Parenthood. I support LGBT rights. I support Path to Citizenship. I support Universal Healthcare. I support the Right to Bear Arms. I support Actions to combat Climate Change. ...
hottest instagram girl you follow ?
The U.S. demands Russian pilots in Syria to speak English
I'm happy as FUCK to live here in the U.S. despite all its problems. If you listen to NPR, listen to their current #15girls series and my god it sucks ASS to live in some places in the world.
The U.S. demands Russian pilots in Syria to speak English
Number of Ukrainian Nobel Prize winners: 5 Number of American Nobel Prize Winners: 356 LMFAO NICE
The U.S. demands Russian pilots in Syria to speak English
dat non-bolded name doe
soccer or football
Why? It's hilarious to think we can still be competitive with literally the worst athletes in the country.
soccer or football
Because only shit athletes who can't play anything else play soccer in this country lmao. Even with the shittiest athletes we still easily exit groups at the WC.