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mechanical keyboard
started playing when i got my first pc. at that time i wasnt able 10 finger typing, so arrows looked good and logical. never changed it. :-)
mechanical keyboard
good but i need numblock bec. i play arrows
mechanical keyboard
i can only find like 70/80 euro keyboard. i want cheap shit.
Star wars The last jedi
worst star wars movie EVER. the first 10 minutes i thought this is BAIT.
I rate your countries greatest inventions
nuclear bomb (not americano tho, us thiefs just stole it)
dennis 800dpi 2sens?
*on 1920x1440 on low res it can be 720 i believe you yes xD
not his fault courtouis has legs like
dennis 800dpi 2sens?
maybe close to wrist injury? higher sens = dont have to move mouse so much.
dennis 800dpi 2sens?
maybe he play 1920x1440 too. its perfect for that res
dennis 800dpi 2sens?
800/2 is good. i play it too. very ez 180°
nice bait chelsea boring. 0-2 behind, still playing counter attack. barcelona totally bored by them. zZzZ chelsea go back to premier show league
pogbar most overrated player ever
lol what? go bet on it. 50 E, 2000 E return
that sounds like an explanation. what driver cleaner would you recommend? only drivers i have to update sometimes is my nvidia GPU drivers ... the rest is such old hardware (steelseries kinzu v2 mous...
its definitely not just in my mind. ;-) the difference is like playing LAN vs. WIFI