Born and raised in cs sweden i grew up in the middle of the 1.6 era. I watched the cool big guys from the school play cs on the old school computers after the school ended with a big crowd watching with exitment. What i still remember from these days can only be described as magic.... i played with friends, in a somewhat of an epic gamming culture.
Those days are gone, but i'm still enjoying cs alot, and i play GO everyday with friends. I have tried some clans and i'v jumped on-board on some teams, but right now, i'v not found any that really wants to become something and that puts in the hours.

Enjoying the game as it is(i'll let you slip this time mr.molotov)
And i'm very exited about the future. Hit me up on my mail if you would like to contact me.


In-game sensitivity: 1.8
Mouse DPI/Hz: 800/500

classic static crosshairs/0,5 thickness/ 7 size
Can post CFG but who would like that?

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Think we need to win with a 2 goal diff. Or germany has to shoot in like 3 goals against south korea. Might be wrong on that one though
Elon Musk vs Bill Gates
Don't think Elon qualifies as a businessman per say
Is education necesary?
Depends if you want to work with something that requires it, that's all really.
Biggest fail at tourmanent?
I'v always remembered Dreamhack 2013 as one of those moments. Nip won the semi-final vs verygames (by far the 2 best teams) and met fnatic in the final. Fnatic was at this point fairly unknown and had...
SK vs
volgare vs eEriness
And i guess this win means alot to the players on eEriness considering the circumstances...
ok thanks i got the hang of it.
Blogs Missing
Thanks, i do have some blog posts i would like to be able to visit.
I can't seem to be able to add more than 2 players. Surely i'm doing something wrong, but after adding the 2nd player (create lineup) i can just look at the statistics for those 2 or select a new play...
I almost bought some in 2013....time flies
No, not even Nip where at the level that teams are now. But yes, i do still think that the 87-0 is still the greatest achievement in cs history. The sheer dominance in that period is unmatched. It doe...
imagine someone going 87-0 in maps on LAN in 2017. It's almost unthinkable how good you would have to bee to do that. No one will ever even get close, the level is simply too high.
HLTV old members
azk he is the north american player but the titan he is the french stars.
Outlaws vs Budapest Corvini
koloRRR > Deadfox ??