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G2 vs FaZe
i've been a fan of french CS since CSS era till now even on their down time. But this is so much now. im losing my faith for these guys. Up on 14-13 with low money, WHY FORCE BUY!? JUST WHY!? ...
KoN Denmark vs KoN Sweden
What is the meaning of KON guys?
Indonesia vs Philippines
go ph go!
Anders Complaining
He said he "appreciate" what the duo's do. You can read and understand it, right? Saying the FACT that he know a little about the game in terms of being a caster is not just about being you dislike th...
Just imagine NIP!
HF ;)
Anders Complaining
Who is he!? Dude come on! Use some brain! Casters and analyst are being paid for US! US audience(most are online). Specially for us who watch every single official match of CSGO on stream.
Just imagine NIP!
Only HLTV KIDS are complaining dude and KIDS who lost their skins. But anyway, they still have major event incoming. If they show a good result even though they'll not be the champion, no need to c...
Nip saving strats
hahahahaha. NiP's turn now for this troll! LOL
SteelSeries era is over
x7 BH10 anti vibrate is too good ;)
my frend pasha
He almost cry on that 5k donation. If motar2k donate 10k, maybe he will really cry now. lol
my frend pasha
motar2k will donate 10k because of this pic. I want to see pasha crying with happiness ;)
Pasha: Scream is a nerd hahaha
GG! it's the end of the world! ROFL!
LDLC kennyS (2)
Pray that VP will win so that we can have skins but you are ****** seriously. If your watch the stats on the two maps, all of LDLC players are contributing well. Don't judge a team by a mistake during...