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9/11 tomorrow
Take care on the trains Europeans.. We will have some mess here probably.
FlipSid3 vs mousesports
Well played by both, F3 just too good mentally, they proved it several times. gg
Space Soldiers vs volgare
Because I'm respectful for other countries? What a nerd I am.
Space Soldiers vs volgare
Of course I am, not the guy, who continuously disgracing Hungary with his immature, childish and first of all disgusting behavior. I'm supporting all of the Hungarian sportsmen and team, in every spor...
Space Soldiers vs volgare
Space Soldiers vs volgare
For sure.
Space Soldiers vs volgare
Hahahhahaa fuckin funny, I feel ashamed he is living in the same country as me.
Space Soldiers vs volgare
Well played guys, gg. I can't wait for XANTARES's LAN perfomance though. :D PS.: Apoligize us about rmL, he is a douche, we love our Turkish friends. :*
Airwalkers vs volgare
gabesson just raped them apart. gg wp
new fnatic
I didn't hear hard drugs got legalized in Italy. o.O
GPlay vs Rock
That was really, really close.. Amazing game! And if Rock had lost it, I would have said the same.
GPlay vs Rock
Polak, Wegier, dwa bratanki, i do szabli, i do szklanki
GPlay vs Rock
What an intense game! Well played by both, I'm proud for our guys! :) gg wp
GPlay vs Rock
Right click on the flag, save as.. and there you can see the name of the country. ;)
Pasha 1v5 every pro csgo play in real life?
Neo would beat him I guess, he is having some martial arts experience as far as I know. But I would watch a Pasha Vs. Freakazoid fight. :D