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Gambit vs Syman
Mir played on major with Vega too
BIG vs Gambit
Actually!!! Wtf, you are the major champions. This rooster for rier2 max.
BIG vs Gambit
Sad about Gambit roster.... Without good leader you can change any player. This stack is lowest worst.... Sad....
North vs NRG
Spirit vs Smoke Criminals
Spirithrow, ez money 💵
Natus Vincere vs Cloud9
Zeus Adr!!
Unique vs cat345
Then 80% of teams should be!!! Everyone uses this shit.... It just about Russians again.... Be honest!!!
Unique vs cat345
Let me guess - Russki hackers again!!! They everywhere. I would like to see 16:4 or something on inferno... Can't play cs - find a reason to rematch. Shame of community....
Quantum Bellator Fire vs pro100
Polish toxic style))
Tempo Storm vs forZe
Jesus, stryker played cs, when you suck mothers chest..... -Who is Jean-Claude Van Damme -Jesus, Jean was a movie star, when you suck mothers.....
Tempo Storm vs forZe
Eat some banana and relax, monkey.Invited players, with monkey lead are 100 times worse, than "Russians", as you sad. Learn to respect people, please!!!
Cloud9 vs MIBR
You got triple motivation, when your tag sounds like MIBR
BIG vs G2
Kenny is good. I like to see him on fire
ENCE vs Natus Vincere
flamie killed Aleksib with ak47 flamie killed xseveN with inferno flamie killed allu with ak47 (headshot) flamie killed sergej with ak47 (headshot) s1mple killed Aerial with awp Round started
AGO vs mousesports
Wow, proud for this Polish team. Very impressive. Should be new VP contract