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Why is FIFA ranking so shit?
Still montenegro, Romania, Denmark are better then Peru, Venezuela and rest shit teams from your region
Why is FIFA ranking so shit?
Wow you just won against us with luck on the match and penalties is random.
Why is FIFA ranking so shit?
So if u know how fifa ranking works why u are so mad then? BTW Poland > Croatia atm cry is free. none beat Poland since last 3 years, only Portugal in penalties in France. Ofc the ranking is j...
Zeus to navi confirmed
He should stay in gambit. Navi are losers
Skinny guy in gym
Eat 6-7 times per day. You can find "what" to eat at Google to gain muscle. Eat after gym is necessary Max 30min after, meanwhile going home eat some bananas and drink some shake. And the most imp...
Warsaw Uprising "W hour" Yesterday from the match legia!!
Warsaw Uprising "W hour"
Da fuck. 15y? Braindead spotted. Check up history and compare that to Poland you will be shocked and I dint mean only about ww2 Your country is big joke
Well germs Merkel acknowledged Islamic state
Rip Germany. Rip Europe... I only wondering how much money she get for doing that? Or she is really stupid?
Quit smoking?
I quit smoking after 10years... Now it's month without this shit. Feel better etc. You are smoking only to situations for example - Going for work...smoke - Break at work, smoke - After eating /d...
polish antygerman spot
And yesterday ;) legia!!!
PUPG or Rainbow Six Siege ?
R6 for cod kids lol probably R6 is to hard for you. Go play esl with teammates then say bulshit like this
PUPG or Rainbow Six Siege ?
R6 >>>>>pupg. R6 is hard to master, maps are huge comparing to csgo. Play with 4 friends and you will love it. There is rank system. Game is hard to play on high lvl
do you still bet?
+1 My friend was betting tennis on unibet. When he won ~2k € in 4 hours after created account, they limited his account to bet few € only. It's kind of bulshit for me with this move
Respect anime!
Nope. /close
Poland EU?
Polexit is on the way.