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well he won the clutch, retarded much?
Euros so happy
very talented player 4 sure
frozen = kid
because HenryG also dumb, it was clearly visible on face cam that frozen is moving his mouse and in game nothing happened, it was also visible he is looking for help or admins... conclusion he went ...
Stewie2k fans come here
he did his job: -missing crucial shots 3times in a row at the B defense inferno -has 40ADR and 10 frags (sure all of them was opening frags kappa) -shooting dead bodies of opponents that he didn't ev...
Stewie cocky
:D :D :D :D :D rofl
Stewie LUL
he is absolute trash, imagine your IGL has double the kills and ADR than you.. stewie0k got carried to another title, mr. BM at his finest. don't BM if you can't afford it with your skill
BOT Stewie0K negative K/D when in winning team 13-2 :D got carried as always. reminds me his 'career' in MIBR :D always trash, always bottom fragging, always toxic. please dont do BM when you can't af...
Stewie so noob
stewie0k cocky as always, I will enjoy his fall just like I enjoyed coldzera's downfall. hate this kind of players
well well well :D
FaZe Roster
FaZe Roster
didnt you say "RECENT" games? also, another recent LAN tournament stats: https://www.hltv.org/stats/teams/players/6667/FaZe?event=4490 0.94 CONSISTENT Olof vs 0.91 INCONSISTENT Guardian https://www....
FaZe Roster
well, you surely know what are you talking about, but no. check the stats and watch the games before you write something stupid https://www.hltv.org/stats/teams/players/6667/FaZe?event=4281
is GUARDIAN the best awper in the world???
check the stats of these finals you named, you will see who rly choked and who was carrying the team - it was guardian
Most WASHED UP pro player (poll)
when CS:GO was actually about skill, not about random jumping headshots with some cheap pistols