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Pasha over rated?
Pasha mostly just go out and try to get some headshots, therefore he often die in stupid situations. He should hold angle more often and back-off if situation doesn't favor him. He tries to play like...
fps boost
There are two things there: - what you see - what game do you will only see 60 frames, get better monitor to see more. it is big improvement 128 tick servers require like 200fps because the pe...
fps boost
I changed c2q 4x3ghz to i7 4x4ghz, I got boost from 100 to 300fps on same graphics card.
Virtus.pro vs NiP
NiP is on bad form for over year. What kept them up is good major results, but even in Cologne, which they won, they weren't consider strong (they won cbble like 4 times in deciders match). I think pl...
Virtus.pro vs fnatic
If fnatic won't stomp VP 5-0 in opening match there is high chance VP will take a map or can take it to the very end and maybe win it. But when fnatic break VP confidence early, they would have them ...
Virtus.pro vs TSM
VP needs to start preparing for teams and their maps. Taz said they don't do so as it would affect their play style. However others prepare against them. Also recent wins of CLG/C9 against fnatic when...
LGB vs Virtus.pro
Why vp? Why?
upgrading CPU + VidCard
I had Core2Quad 3.0GHZ and 4GB DDR2. I replaced that with I7 3.8GHZ and 8GB of DDR3. My fps jumped from 100 to 300. I am using same graphics card. i3 is not good enough, get i5, make sure your cpu...
Virtus.pro never learn.
I was shocked yesterday on d2, as taz was camping same spot after B tunnel exit as CT and when they rushed as T, they didn't check it which costed them a game.
Krimz just tweeted gg
And KQLY was saying as well something about his 12yrs career... In real sports world people didn't admit ever to doping unless really caught. For me the fact that many of pro players says there is ...
Double standards
It is terrible unfair advantage. I would understand fnatic used it cause it is well known to all teams and that was accepted by DH admins. Clearly LDLC didn't know what's happening. Moreover they w...
NiP vs ESC
The thing is, that ESC won like 6 rounds in a row and after loosing, they economy was down. Last 3 rounds they had to eco twice. That gave NiP win. They should play save after lossing bs, so they c...
I like the fact he donates to guys that shares their work. He must like it, people watching like it, I like it.
round differences
This is second tournament in a row when c9 is out through RD to VP. That is lesson for them to not throw away early/mid rounds as they still may count. All teams knew the rules. They knew how it co...
Virtus.pro vs Cloud9
Teams just adapted to VP play, they know they're over aggressive and use it against them. It even applies when VP defends bomb as T, they always pick at waiting CTs. Other thing is that VP failed o...