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Can't stop looking at rain
he look like inuit tbh
Few beers every night?
maybe dont do it EVERYDAY, whatever amount, it blocks the liver from doing its functions. Your health might be ok, but your visceral fat and skin will not be in optimal condition, neither will your en...
whats his status? did he die?
coldzera, but s1mple could take his spot if he achieves something
[+18] fap addict
you just have have to decide not to do it, and then just not do it. I guess
without context it was harder to understand the emotions in this text
Why do People Like Sadokist?
aaand just as I said that.......... great
Why do People Like Sadokist?
is this that racist LGBT guy, that make gay innuendos on stream alot? I dont like him, no problem just mute when that guy is on
we are all stupid
ive been using the krieg for years. its truly OP with armor penetration. kinda surprised it didnt catch on even after new meta
Astralis won't care
not to the same extent and definitely not at the first half of the season, afterwards teams started to realize what was going on. ofcourse its selective perception, I dislike astralis its pretty obv...
Astralis won't care
what are you talking about?
Astralis won't care
not really, there havent been many events. they look beatable now The point is the game is fair and without clutch smoke kill rounds and strategies, im sure close games will edge in favor of teams tha...
Astralis won't care
yes I think so. They used it alot before everyone else caught up. mibr even figured out how to not play into astralis smoke recently (still ost though) but they looked mortal
Astralis won't care
Rip in Pepperonis (smoke flavored)
When republicans started critisizing the free market
that was very funny. ty