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WTF China
Chinese people cannot answer in this thread :)
Magisk afraid of germs??
Oil inspectors from USA tested magisks teeth and found threat to democracy. War is imminent.
You can't spell old school without... chool.
why is weed illegal?
I would be careful with using soft vs hard drugs as a separator - hard drugs are by definition those which lead to physical addiction - but that includes alcohol and cigarettes (specificaly nicotine),...
why is weed illegal?
This absolutely is an argument - you can detect exact amount of alcohol in blood, but you cannot prove if the guy smoked weed 10 minutes or a week ago, and you cannot find out how much. That is an iss...
why is weed illegal?
Because it affects your perception and reactions. Just legalizing weed would mean drivers, pilots, police officers, surgeons, firemen, everybody you rely on could be high out of their minds performing...
But atheists can be open to the existence of god. As a matter of fact, it would make more sense logically, purely by meaning of words atheist and agnostic - because agnostics by definition believe th...
Best movie ever
1. Starship Troopers. I can watch this movie anytime and all the time. Love it. Nothing can convince me it isn't pure movie magic. 2. Forrest Gump. Every aspect of this movie is masterpiece. Also one ...
Czechia come here
Checked for science and the base rate would be something like 60 euros per hour with, ehm, private contractor, but the rate will get higher if you have special requests. If you were to visit a club sa...
Roast your own country
Definitely wouldn't make fun of Czech president, he is a superhero:
+18 cutest girl
*Beat off to this. There, fixed that for you :)
Pokémon Go
Oops, forgot to write $2.2 MILLION per day.
Pokémon Go
Players spent about $2.2 per day on in-app purchases in 2018, so someone clearly does.
Allu Cigarette
Forget about allus cigarette, look at his balls!
Fan comes from word fanatic, here used in its derogatory meaning "someone of extreme enthusiasm and uncritical devotion". Paired with "boy" as an insult, suggesting your immaturity.