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G2 Will Win ELEAGUE Major
No, you have to go further. The new meta is outsourcing the fat guy. Like godsent(rdl) and Astralis(zonic), one of the reasons why na'vi is so bad right now is because starix is too skinny and guardia...
Deep web
tor website lol, check it out its clear you don't know what you're doing so i doubt youll get very deep
Malik Obama about Barrack Obama
I hope he's getting mad cash for being such a clown.
Cloud9 vs FaZe
I'm really excited for Faze, they have the firepower, now with karrigan they don't have to be super tactical but somewhat of a tactical structure will help them along massively. Also, faze numb-a-w...
rate her
Deepish blue, silver like etc. Only brown would've been worse. Google the would not bang meme plz
rate her
-Green eyes, too common and snakelike -Looks white AF, perhaps already post mortum -Eyebrows look like somebody super glued them on there -Unable to take the "selfie" straight 3/10 would not ba...
Pornstar or money?
I wanted to tell you pornstars make much more but I googled it and you're right. I think high-end escorts make more. Those porn stars are really getting fucked over while getting fucked :D
Dutch CSGO team?
LLL played with a mix on a local lan in belgium, but nothing permanent as far as I know.
the coach update is actually good
I agree, and B teams that make it to the top now had to kick their IGL and get a fragger, making igl's totally redundant in the top scene. One of the hardest roles in the game, constantly moving the t...
Couldnt get hard
do you watch a lot of porn? You definitely wouldn't be the first to get erectile dysfunction from watching to much porn.
NEO is the problem
You are spouting blasphemy.