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Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising, Battlefield 2, CS:S, FEAR Combat, Enemy Territory: QuakeWars, CoD4 PAM/promod, Quake Live
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Are you gay?
I like women and men who are feminine and I want to fuck them I don't know if it makes me gay or just weird.
Beef is much worse to the climate than other sources of meat (methane, need for more land, etc..) This is a good move IMO. It's not like you have to eat it and if the student want it they can just go ...
ENCE outside of top 20 by the end of 2019
They can finally get some practice in and they will plow the next major because other teams have no demos on them just watch.
Raid HLTV office they can't stop all of us!
USA shooting again
What games did he play?
OG roles
Most likely yes. I feel like NBK's experience will go to waste if he entries. Pros say it's the most brainless role.
OG roles
aleksib will definitely have a support role you are right
OG roles
lmao. Like when you went to a friends house to play. Everyone gets to call 3 rounds and switch to next one.
OG roles
You think valde or NBK then?
OG roles
I think valde was good enough when he wasn't calling but you might be right and they try to setup Jamppi for frags. That's a lot of pressure on the kid though.
Some weird unexplainable shit has been happening in my house
Now is a good time to watch paranormal activity if you haven't seen it.
Transgender People are Valid!
woxic frozen
woxic frozen
"Never showed anything special" LOL! He was one of the best riflers in the world in the beginning of 2018. suNny is or at least was the most skilled finnish player.