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Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising, Battlefield 2, CS:S, FEAR Combat, Enemy Territory: QuakeWars, CoD4 PAM/promod, Quake Live
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I rate your peripherals
HyperX Cloud Flight Logitech G703 Wireless Turtlebeach Impact 600 (Brown MX with self applied O-rings) Samsung Odyssey G7 27" 1440p 240Hz
Been having rubberbanding/stuttering
Seems like network issue. Make sure no programs are downloading on the background. Set CSGO to run on high priority by putting -high in launch options. Windows button + R Write cmd press enter Write...
RX 5600XT/RTX 2060 still worth buying in 2021?
Oh, didn't see the middle of the year part. I actually did the upgrade from GTX960 to RTX2060 last summer. I had terrible FPS drops in PUBG now it's fine at 1080p. In newer games it's definitely a muc...
RX 5600XT/RTX 2060 still worth buying in 2021?
GPU market is insane right now. Demand is higher than ever. Maybe wait a month until the availability of new cards gets better. It should make the price drop for the old ones. Especially used ones. Ri...
i5 vs i7 pls come
If you need it you need it. There's never a perfect time to buy tech anyway. What laptop are you looking at if you don't mind me asking?
i5 vs i7 pls come
If you want to game on a laptop make sure whatever model you choose has good thermal design. Look up reviews on techsites / youtube. It doesn't matter if the max boost of the CPU is 5.0GHz if it hits ...
demonic/satan music
danish 5 stacks
These guys push nuke inner with molly t vent, heaven, top hut. Smoke main and flashes through the roof. In matchmaking. It's literally disgusting.
Gaming Laptop Suggestions
I couldn't start the game with it. Have to try after boot.
Gaming Laptop Suggestions
Running in compatibility mode. That's interesting. Just right click csgo.exe and set compatibility and it's done right?
tesla stock
!ping lurppis