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nice fair play by VG
also, considering the fact that it's coming from the fans of the team that's known for ghosting, kicking opponents' PC's, trashtalking, being late for their games and blaming the orgas for being forfe...
nice fair play by VG
like i said, this community is beyond helping. yeah, sure, pausing the game when you lag is so unfair.
why don't you reply to me in that other thread instead of once again going full retard in another one?
oh lol dem excuses. even if all evidence shows otherwise, 1.6 is still THE MOST DIFFICULT GAME EVAH AND ITS PLAYERS ARE THE BEST VIDEOGAME PLAYERS OF ALL TIME
[ITALIC]the ddos came after they witched to 1.6 models[/ITALIC] Yes it did, however the single fact that people actually threatened to DDoS this match says a lot about the community. [ITALIC]RIc...
during the NiP showmatch they had CZ models instead of the old 1.x ones, the twitch chat was spammed with people asking to install old models, a lot of them were writing something like "1.6 models or ...
i don't see anything positive about this community. most of it is retarded in one way or another. massively abusing one of the very few decent streamers (redeye), threatening to DDoS the NiP-vs-NiP s...
... the match was ddoses several times. it went down at least three times during the match, and the streamers were also ddos'd. 13:20: reason are at 6:7 as T's, that's a VERY comfortable score for nu...
DDOS-,- had a thread dedicated to DDoS'ing the site. i don't say the admins did it, but there's little doubt that it was community who did it.
it was being ddosed during the whole of the match you brainless spastic. the server went down 3 times before they finally gave up. the first time was when Reason were at 3:5 as T's on nuke, which is a...
yep, it was totally a coincidence that there was a thread at dedicated to ddosing the match. you represent the CS community greatly: an ignorant, hypocritic cretin who has no intelligence or ...
This community is so pathetic it's beyond saving. I still remember how DDoS'd that CSP match between fnatic and Guardian's team.
ScreaM in action
I've been to Paris for a week this year, lived near Chateau Rouge metro station, there were literally more black people than white there.
NATO to attack Syria.
[ITALIC]Well they dont mentioned that turkey isnt pro rebel they just arrested guys which they suspects to be rebels/terrorist. I mean do you want to have rebels/terrorist in your country? [/ITALIC] ...
NATO to attack Syria. Yes th...