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Tainted Minds vs Paradox
Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day
Sites to Bet
GG.BET Official Q&A
1. Your website allows to bet several times on the same match over the max limit. And i saw lot of complains from people you refusing to pay them because they broke some rules based on it. True or not...
1xbet legit?
Not legit.
ggbet scam
They scammed lot of people with bonus system. They limiting you if you win couple hundreds from them. They asking for your ID if you withdraw. Most shitty place for betting.
Rogue vs Ghost
Ghost playing mostly casual mode so they still think they have 45 sec to defuse.
best site to bet during major?
1xbet is a scam. pinnacle is life
eXtatus vs Space Soldiers
Zedko made his profile private so no one can complain how low his hours compared to teammates. But north remembers...
Sprout vs eXtatus
ZEDKO have the lowest weekly played hours and lowest HLTV rating. What a coincidence.
Asterion vs HAVU
Some pro players grinding 10 hours per day to get better because it is their work, and some on vacation like HAVU, because why not.
FaZe vs SK
karrigan just cant check any spot properly on inferno.
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
Oskar: "I can hear enemies behind the smoke, let me just jump on them with knife and die".
Someone betting Squared really heavy. Like Resistance are not going to try hard.
skins betting?
So how they make money with 0 commision?
BootKamp vs Merciless
there is 6.25% team will lose 4/4 pistols, or if they are fucking bad