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hatersg0nnahate vs atrc
all swedish teams are onliners expect NiP.. they can beat good team online, but always get totally owned at lan.. tells something..
100 fps constant
how is my point invalid if i have most of time 999 fps in CS:GO and really low fps in cs 1.6? What invalid is in that? CS 1.6 have been optimized for ATI and nVidia technology (just like Valve...
fnatic vs Russian Roulette
its just a fact fnatic have now 5 extremely good cs:go players, nip have only four (fifflaren is terrible). its simple math, soon fnatic will beat nip. you cant dominate scene for ever with 4vs5 ...
Anexis vs Imaginary
Imaginary should be playing 4vs5 (-Ozstrik3r) he causes so much damage that they are definitely better with 4 guys :)
fnatic vs Russian Roulette
fnatic is already better than NiP, just wait and see they will crush NiP easily^^
zNation vs Russian Roulette
why they even russian teams? russian cs:go scene is joke, full of lowskilled noobs instead of them they should invited german semi-elite teams, many of them are enough skilled to beat top team...
100 fps constant
its not about your pc being bad, its about cs 1.6 use old programming technique which new computers dont support well anymore. for example i have usually almost 999 fps in CS:GO, but my laptop grap...
cs 1.6
Valve ruined cs 1.6 with compulsory updates and now 1.6 players have to move to CS:GO, it was ingenious plan^^ [BOLD]CS 1.6 will die in week[/BOLD], marks my words
How much fps do you think i will have? :)
sure, send me PM and i give IPs to you
Lemondogs vs Hellslayers
no, [BOLD]cheaters vs cheaters hahahhahaha[/BOLD] :D sweden is full of cheaters^^
WRTT vs hatersg0nnahate
manne got caught cheating in cs 1.6 just before it died and is now banned in most CS:GO cups, so don't hope too much
How much fps do you think i will have? :)
well, with that PC i have 999 FPS at: CS:GO CS:Souce CS:1.6 -------- And that PC cost only 50e ^^
How much fps do you think i will have? :)
haha noob, it Real Madrid who won El Classico. Barcelona = nothing compared to Real Madrid
NiP vs ESC
Sweden have only one good team: NiP German got 8 really good teams^^ No other countries have that many Germany > Sweden (always have been in CS)
How much fps do you think i will have? :)
Did i say yet that this Internet cost for me only 10€ per month ? :D