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100T to enter CS:GO
where did you hear it from?
cant grow beard
lol, 19 is still young, i am 24 and i can't grow a proper beard yet, in my case it's genetics, maybe it's the same for you or try checking your testoterone levels, maybe it's too low
NBA 2019-2020 Champs
imagine any of them defending AD in the post or even Cousins if he gets back to form LMAO ppl forget cousins averaged all-star numbers on good TS% for the warrios after having no real off-season and ...
G2 - be rational
the only change they had to do in the first place was was - smithzz +amanek/kio and then if it didn't work -bodyy +whoever wasn't picked from amanek/kio
G2 vs Epsilon
shox igl lmao
Julian Assange
will be a good storyline for holywood to make a movie about it which will win oscars
Dirk Nowitzki
i am a LeBron fan but that 2011 Mavs team was something else, incredible run and as a basketball fan in general i was happy for Dirk
NBA playoff predictions
yeah, although curry is the most important player on the team imagine thinking they'll play hard in the last game of the season which doesn't mean jackshit to them
Natus Vincere vs NiP
he is zeus's friend, he is only there to drink vodka with him
Kane best coach?
kane is there just to drink vodka with zeus since he is his friend
Ex6TenZ to make new team with Neo?
how is it pretty much confirmed lmao
Best Czechoslovakian Team
my point is that in their case double awp setup would work :D but yeah, -WT + sneix was a good [R] team back in the days
Best Czechoslovakian Team
PhP, GuardiaN, UN, pR, WT