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Ex6TenZ to make new team with Neo?
how is it pretty much confirmed lmao
juliano flirting with s1mple
where is the flirting part, dumb ass kid, go to bed
Best Czechoslovakian Team
my point is that in their case double awp setup would work :D but yeah, -WT + sneix was a good [R] team back in the days
Best Czechoslovakian Team
PhP, GuardiaN, UN, pR, WT
Ex6tenz haters
leave this kid alone, hes a dedicated ex6tenz hater
GG SmithZz
wait, did he actually die in his own molly? lmao smithzz a proud member of zeus cyberschool
HellRaisers vs G2
i am not sure if scream is an actual solution but you shouldn't expect logical moves from G2, ocelote (g2 owner) is braindead in cs go
Liquid vs G2
yeah, i think that he means that the timing to do a roster change was stupid, should've let ex6/smitthz roster play out dreamhack and epl and change them afterwards
Liquid vs G2
ex6tenz was offered to stay in place of body but he refused, if ex6 decided to stay shox would still call but ex6 would play out of all his positions and play bodyy's role (support), he said that he d...
Liquid vs G2
well, he might put his ego aside for once and let ex6 have his one last call, who knows, although i wouldn't be surprised if they get bombed out of the groups since i doubt that ex6 and smithzz actual...
Liquid vs G2
nah, no way, ex6 and smithzz barely play the game since 3 weeks
G2 vs Defusekids
you don't need to igl vs teams like this xd
Why is bodyy still on G2?
worthless comment
Why is bodyy still on G2?
np, it's just ocelote (g2 owner) who has no clue about cs and malek who are forcing the move
Why is bodyy still on G2?
yes, they played last major with this squad so they need just 3 players from that squad to be eligible for the major, it can even be ex6 smithzz and bodyy :)