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losing weight
limb amputation
200k$ investment
imo not a great choice unless you want to become a full time landlord. First, almost all of OP's money will be tied up to a single asset in a fickle market. Second, tenants. Third, upkeep & other atte...
200k$ investment
coming bear market is a great time to invest. OP will buy his securities "on sale" OP, my advice is high dividend blue chip stocks, US treasury bonds and other sovereign debt, and a small (emphasis h...
Ariana Grande <3
she is built for cock
if you think there aren't mind games in melee you're actually "quiet" bad at the game. No shame in that btw, it's not important to be good at video games, but it's the truth
honestly--not even trolling--it's because you're bad. The only people who "don't get Melee" are those whose hands / brains are too slow for the game. Melee is to tr4sh as 1.6 is to source
im hoping its fun but deep down i know it'll be yet another game that doesn't live up to melee
well smash 4 takes zero skill so don't worry you'll be on even footing for ultimate
this era of cs
tbh if you were around for it, 87-0 was pretty boring. You could figure out a tournament's final placings just by looking at the bracket. Too bad there was no betting back then
Pizza roll twitch ad
vivaldi + ublock
girl problem
3 yrs difference is trivial
haha thats great
Astralis vs fnatic
fuck the CZ for real, most cancerous thing ever added to CS. Even more so than the riot shield
ban assault roasties NOW
F solid bait as well, OP. Definitely among the better I've seen