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rate vape girl
rick and morty
What am I missing here? seems a lot of people are hating on this show for being too high-brow or something when all I saw in OP was a gag about a child-molesting jelly bean
rick and morty
quality pasta right there
nothing like a support player who doesn't know how to smoke top banana
Metal isn't music
its def true that weird school shooter virgin types are attracted to metal but u cant tell me songs like this aren't catchy af
with GTR instead of xizt that could actually work
kick REZ
10/10 name
USA moon landings
you know major ecological disasters are usually followed by mass extinctions right?
I spent 4000$ on supreme clothing AMA
a means of signaling to anyone over the age of 25 that you are either 1. spoiled teenager 2. completely retarded teenager trapped in an adult's body
Arya Stark
eight dimensional chess
now everyone agrees with you? what? No. And from the latter half of your post, you clearly have weapons grade autism. Ask mum to make an appointment with your NHS psychiatrist, and try not to use the ...
there were "plenty of teams" filled either with has beens (anexis, mousesports), onliners (nfaculty) or pathetic mixes playing for teams whose rosters didn't even want to switch to CSGO, like trace / ...
meaningless because there weren't teams invested into practicing CS:GO like there were even in 2014, let alone today It's like speedrunning. No one cares if you're the "best in the world" at somethin...
yeah, tiny fucking meaningless LANs back when there were three legitimately good CS GO teams. Whoa they won an EMS raidcall "LAN"? What else, MSI beat it? Where they beat NiP in an online qualifier? ...
21% – Austria 21% – Spain 20% – Italy 19% – Belgium 18% – Germany 15% – The Netherlands spain and italy ill forgive because of their crazy youth unemployment, but the rest of that selection reads lik...