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why usa is full of dumb people
watching all you salty cucks whine about the USA gives me a half-chub. Most of your meme-flag backwater shitholes may as well not exist--wouldn't change my life at all
2 scoops 2 genders 2 terms
Natus Vincere vs HellRaisers
ez 4 brazil's top team featuring GOD steel and GOD zews
SK vs North
he is better than coldzera
kNg defenders?
"let he who is without sin be the first to cast a stone" How many of the people sanctimoniously trashing KnG are the same ones typing "faggot" in MM1 during pugs / mm / etc
kNg defenders?
kNg defenders?
I disagree with most of your post but the last sentence is incontrovertible fact. I'm really disappointed we never got to see 100T play
I give you 50$
f i f t y d o l l a r s
butthurt cuck detected daily reminder that your foreign policy is virtually dictated by Blumpf no matter how much you hate him
doesnt mean anything
1984 essay
write it about the book 1984.
Come Murica and SK
cold isn't trying to ghost, those noise cancelling headphones hurt to wear, especially if you're leaving them on with earbuds and glasses beneath them for hours at a time. Cold should probably go back...
he's right in that SK or fnatic were going to have it tougher than their opponents but just a few years ago it wasn't uncommon to play 3 series in the same day
C9 Laugh Thread
c9 fans screaming when ska is scoping into a smoke on cobble connector (under drop window) and there's a player inside. That's off the top of my head