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G2 vs Envy
Happy KennyS Shox NBK/ScreeM/apEX NBK/ScreeM/apEX just livin dis here
Should VP retire? That was their best chance
2 rounds to major champions - it's not about changing, because only several decisions had influence on that match, so that Astralis could lose it too 2 teams played extremly well, but champion is onl...
TaZ Two Faced
don't connecting that guy with other polish people pls, they didn't deserve it
Top 5 danish players
Device Magisk Dupreeh Kjaervye Xyp9x/Karrigan/aizy/k0nfig/cajunb if 5 players to team - Xyp9x/Karrigan obviously, as igl
Toxicity in csgo players
ahahah jumping headshots nice one
Toxicity in csgo players
Kids Copy Past in twitch - bring up inadequate community Internet - no responsibility new generation - being more socially developed, so they since childhood understand that is every man for himsel...
S1mple ass licker
you too, boy, you too
Astralis Change
- glave glave is one tournament man he good because of good Xyp9x's calling and device's carrying as support he is good, but vs Magisk he have no chance And i remember his perfomence in other teams...
s1mple amazing!
clutch it's not only about single person, i.e. 1 vs x, but also 2 vs x > 2, and mb 3 vs x > 3 from the begining it's 2 vs 4 so that is counting too
forest>olof in 2k16?
LUL 2 mvp olof has too
Smithzz fragmovie
already have done #retweetmeplease
need help with girl
+ All or nothing But if they are good friends, he must to try but only alluding, if not - he'd better find another girl, better or not no matter
Est' den'gi - mojno uehat' v gorod s malen'kim % prestupleniy i s deistvuyushi suhim zakonom, gde tiho, a druz'ya ochen' bistro zavodyatsya kak i uhodyat, esli net znachit i oni i ti privyazani k odn...
No, I'M not All answers already have given