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400dpi or 800dpi?
400dpi 0.05 sens 1/11 windows supersayian 3 is on when i have to move the mouse.... i can make a fast 360 with wrist.
console or PC
your reaction time is like 1 min...and lets not talk about your skills jeez.
Ex6TenZ sick beast!
he wasnt that good he was the best among igl's while beeng a frager and awper at the same time...that was rare and still is today....his style was spraying related so when he went from css to csgo he ...
RIP Scream
tapping is back spraying is nerfed..i can pwn spray and pray noobs with retard90 again hehe.
i hate how europeans get angry when we call it soccer
American eggball tries to give lectures lol....pussies that wear protection and still get sthomped because you are weak....ausies are the true players of the sport that is called rugby....not you puss...
1.6 LEGEND is coming back
and he name are john cena xd
TSM vs Envy
source>1.6 ?
he is braindead because retards actually have brain :D
retarded....braindead too
SKYTTEN aimlock-blunder being ignored?!
"Lots of silvers and novas in this thread i see" - Master Yoda
lurpiss on SK
I didn't started my english is so perfect thing you did... We are not at english class moron don't prettend like you are some english teacher...oh and btw an elementary school in ...
lurpiss on SK
well like they said google is your friend... oh and *Skopje
lurpiss on SK
lack of geography knowlage are we? and in what country you live in?...probably you are from a tribe in Africa and you eat worms for breakfast.