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Scum will be scum. that really shouldn't surprise anyone.
steel and the problem with him.
noone likes steal. /thread.
Hiko EGO.
it takes a lot of optimism to see anything good coming out of the recent NA shuffle. Yes, some teams have potential. As a matter of fact, all the NA teams have players with a lot of potential. But ...
Tixo comeback
yupp. same happened with gob, when he was standing in for mouz. he got a lot of hate, and I fear tixo might receive the same - they both deserve better. but maybe he will surprise us...
pretty sure he mistranslated and ment to say something along the lines of "penalty fee".
f0rest shox dupreeh olof, pasha, edward and guardian are great as well.
TSM top 2 by end of the year
have you guys forgotten that TSM/Dignitas has always been a top contender, but NEVER managed to reach an international final? they've been crazy good for a long time, especially online. But they k...
TOP 5 Players so far this year.
please show my kennyS' impressive offline results this year, because I must have missed them! Seriously, he did nothing offline in 2015, no reason to put him in that #1 spot all the time. other th...
POV's quotes
after that, kRYSTAL was a bit pissed off so nex said: "we'll save your pistol for the semis, kevin!"
German language
nikolinho is that you?
CIS Dreamteam
CIS is missing an IGL that can frag and lead his team. ANGE1 is good at fragging, but pretty bad tactically and at leading his team. I think blade is pretty good tactically, and it would be worth ...
Coolest Number?
CS GO is unbalanced.
talk about visiting HLTV. braindrain at its finest.