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Russia vs Panda
Russia throwing for the home boys
Shit major
Probably just crying cause bet too much in burgers!! This tournament actually has everything to be the best csgo torunament ever!
ViCi vs North
No they won’t, eve. IF they win inferno they’ll lose the third, Vici much better team
TeamOne vs eUnited
Agreed, I’m Brazilian but t1 is awful! They’re still living in the shadow of that fluke at wesg! I feel bad for trk cause he’s really talented and deserved to be in a better team
Liquid vs Ghost
That’s probably the last ibuypower tournament we’ll ever see! Completely joke...
Astralis vs Complexity
2 hour delay in a 2 days tournament, classic NA
G2 vs MIBR
Sure yeah kkkkkkk
Yeah it’s ridiculous! I mean, congratulations to col and big but the major system it’s ridiculous, I like the Swiss system, the problem for me is the fucking ridiculous amount of time between majors, ...
TeamOne vs Freedom 35
Seriously, train again!? Disband now, please!00
TeamOne vs Next Generation
Team one and inconsistency are synonyms, trk is the only consistent player in the line up, Maluke and idk keeps oscillating, Mch is consistently bad and drg is a completely dead weight, the guy didn’t... vs GODSENT
Godsent will forfeit, but vp is so bad they will still lose it XD
Fake Poland > Real Poland
FURIA vs Não Tem Como
FURIA is the best BR team in brazilian soil ATM so this is probably going to be a very close match and i wouldnt bet in NTC with that much confidence...
zonic #1
Agreed, Zonic is a fucking legend, was one of my favorite 1.6 players in history, in my opnion de best dane in CS history so far!
Fakeflagger baited....