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Best BR game
real 10/10 girl
Terrible. 0/100
Good perfumes
Is this happens because we smell like bulgari
Kylie Jenner in your bedroom
I would force her to start streaming on twitch. Then I would send her many donations and lovely messages. Perhaps she would let me moderate her chat. I could be such a nice boy and treat her like a pr...
your faceit stats?
faceit lvl 128 2.1 b elo name: Peter "zezima" Zezima
amd radeon damn it
maybe you have the wrong professor with Him? amd he don't like the incel professor
That's how Mafia works
carrying hltv
Lol wtf those are Reddit tier ranks
Just bought a 1050 ti but...
It is much faster as long as you don't need more than 3GB of vram. He's just saying that some modern games use more than 3GB of vram and that in those games the low amount of vram could slow it down. ...
R8 My Beat
Use any professional trap beat as a reference. I mean just type "trap" into youtube and listen to a few of the beats and then compare them to your track. I think it's close enough style-wise to those ...
R8 My Beat
The first thing I would do is go and re-do all of the levels using a professional track of the same genre as a reference. The reason it might sound "flat" is because the drums don't really hit at all ...
Heroic vs ENCE
not so "heroic "" after all, am I right guys ??? XDDDD e: thanks for the gold, stranger
8 days no computer
Nothing personnel op, but this is the correct answer
guy beats his woman while on stream
I get your point but "violence is violence" is bullshit. If someone throws a cardboard box at your and annoys you, you have to be out of your mind if you go and physically assault that person, regardl...