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Guardian 20k a month
yeah dude but its funy how unrealsitic his fanboys are tho im talking about ones i know. When i ask them what the last time he doen anything like unreal except DH Cluj they are usualy sending me vidie...
Guardian 20k a month
well i have a budy who mastrubates on that french guy and his logic is like "Oh sh1t i can't hit my shoots i need to update my keny config" like dude srsly. And it took me like 2months to explain to h...
iBP unban petition
Well they've got what they deserved if u ask me that penalty is fine as it is thats gone be the lesson to all motherfuckers there to not play cuz of skins but to play cuz u love the game and u want to...
croatia doesn't suport Putin so i doubt they'll join him xD
Soloq MM in a nutshell
3 straight loss after update and 3 straight win after that still global :3
Well showing and plying isn't the same he was announced in that roster with minet if im correct yet they never actualy played more then 1 official if i recall and yet that 1 year u re talking that was...
well he wasn't play for 1,5 year so he jsut came back like before 1month give him some time this SK looks promising... :D
+nuke -overpass
any1 of maps being replaced by nuke expect cache means:R.I.P. Na'Vi ...
Rlewis appreciation
stfu and don't be retarded... He is good at what he does and thats what this community need people who are doing something good we don't need unexpericanced shit1 casters on a big tournaments lol list...
World War III?
Lets make a HLTV country and fock the rest of the world !!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD
Dude best player atm no dobut...
SK vs Virtus.pro
U should prob go and play insted him u know i sense a realy good player from ur profile...
What if NiP won DH Cluj?
Thats like saying what if Serbia wins a World Cup will Tomislav Karadzic stay president of FA of Serbia... And still we can't even manage to go on Europe cup...
Titan vs Natus Vincere
why would navi fans cried if they won ? LoL that logic....
Emilio confirmed pro players are cheating
How to know if flusha cheated.For 2 months when he was accused he NEVER EVER DEFENDED himself he actualy made a fb post 3 months after that "i lift my mouse a lot" like dude are we 20 IQ shits for you...