Ex6TenZ retire pls!
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just don't fly above the conflict area and you will be fine until you land, then feel free to let those barbarians rob you
If you live in your bubble you ofc see no danger.
mouz ACTUAL +2
mouz ACTUAL +2
ok fuck you
Yeah gl being robbed or even killed in that country of poverty and retardness.
mouz ACTUAL +2
Thorin also praised Ex6TenZ and said G2 were likely to become good after -NBK +Ex6TenZ. Use your own brain to analyze things.
mouz ACTUAL +2
How is karrigan a "good" IGL then? He got kicked from Astralis for having no idea how to fix their shit, then he got benched in FaZe for exactly same. He has never been tactical either, his FaZe never...
mouz ACTUAL +2
OK didn't know that, ty. If it's all about FaZe - mouz should wait or be ready to pay.
mouz ACTUAL +2
I mean pronax led that dominant fnatic in 2014, tell me what he achieved after that. VP.Neo? Yes, people can become shit, IGLs in particular can do that, because their job is really about creativity a...
mouz ACTUAL +2
Wow, then for sure he costs $$$ and no one knows if he still can be any good as a strat caller.
mouz ACTUAL +2
karrigan costs money, nV won't let him go for free. And he has been failing for a year now, no one can be sure if he's coming back at all, it may be like pronax and Neo that once were great but then s...
ChrisJ to faze
> good igls > ChrisJ Pick one. mouz' successes were based solely on ropz carrying their asses. Once ropz started sucking - mouz became mediocre. So if NiKo & Ynk fail to succeed - ChrisJ will be able...
LGBTQ classes in school
It's birth control by messing with people's heads. Earth is overpopulated and that propaganda is just to make people bear less children. And one more thing: if a person regards himself/herself as som...
Trump's son
Who would fuck that guy for free?
No "or", but "and".