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Value of diamond Pick'em
Now it makes sense thanks!
Value of diamond Pick'em
Can you sell pick 'em trophies or something? I don't get why cs players seem to value them so much.. back in the old days being good at the game was life.
Greatest human who ever lived?
op said greatest m8
Why are you a socialist?
I am confused by your comment. What has it got to do with mapping?
ur username reason
I'm an idiot and I use low sensitivities for gaming
HLTV alt-right
Agreed, but I hate the left vs right/us vs them mentality. There is so much complexity and nuance to being a person, it's crazy to use such definitive labels. I lean left on most issues and right on a...
I know I know. It's not even close.
HLTV alt-right
You have your wires crossed friend. I'm saying the best part of Woney For Nothing dribbled down his mum's legs at birth.
HLTV alt-right
Not sure I follow you. The guy concocted a reality to align with his views. It's really poor parenting to raise a child who reaches adulthood and thinks feelings should trump facts. If you research/lo...
best music band
Depends on the week I'm having. T.Rex atm.
where u buy games?
PC: cdkeys.com, steam, torrent PS4: Physical only, so high street shops, usually pre-owned.
HLTV alt-right
All these people saying bait or 0/8. But there are legitimately people out there who are completely convinced alt-right groups are using twitch chat, youtube, and sites like hltv to recruit gamers. I...
Despite having Kip Thorne as the movies Science Director, who's perhaps the world's leading mind on BH Physics, it's almost entirely speculative, how could it not be?! It's not on the same level as 2...
Games with nice Story (SP)
https://store.steampowered.com/app/480490/Prey/ Isn't too well known about. Kind of spiritual successor to System Shock. The ending will blow your mind, it will guarantee you play it at least one mor...
‘Global Warming’
The best argument that I've heard for it is that the extreme environmental stress will usher in the next big step in human evolution, just like has been the case for every animal that has ever existed...