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Best EU country
Short height
Could it not be that they just think you're ugly but instead of saying that they'd rather go for the height thing? Because it doesn't sound as bad.
Avg height
Why would sports make it so that you grow taller? At least when it comes to heavy lifting I thought it was proven that you actually grow less if you put yourself through this (since taller people ruin...
German shooter used 3d printer
Yeah, exactly. That door will probably haunt him in his sleep for a loooong time
German shooter used 3d printer
As you watch the livestream try putting yourself in his shoes with the objective to kill as many jews as you possibly can; now you see the true horror of it, the clock is ticking while repeated mistak...
The germany shooting today
Apparently he livestreamed while going on a rampage which is why I find it interesting, haven't managed to find it yet though, lol.
Germany not safe anymore?
It's common sense really.. I don't think I'll have to explain why "the right is on the rise" if there's a flood of refugees coming.
Tall guys come
Haha girl, relax. There's nothing to fight over and I have no desire to fight you, whoever you are.. My comment back then was sarcastic OBVIOUSLY, I thought even a guy with half a brain could tell. I'...
Germany not safe anymore?
OP said that the right is on the rise and Germany is not safe anymore, go figure
Tall guys come
What are we fighting over?
Tall guys come
+1 ROFL "I'm 37 years old (I was 173 cm at 17 years of age) and still growing", hahahahah
German terrorist was streaming on twitch
What is the holocaust?
Tall guys come
I read somewhere that even 180+ cm might be oversized for a human. People nowadays, or westerners at least, are so tall because of the very easy lifestyle; no starvation, no war, no struggle to surviv...
Germany not safe anymore?
That's what happens when you force people on to eachother
Snax ruined PL SCENE
Stop picking on fat people.