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Your country neighbours you like the most
Can't decide which I like the most of Finland and Norway, Denmark might not be complete shit but the people living there are.
I’m a German, you can ask me anything
Alright ;D ty anyway
I’m a German, you can ask me anything
Don't know if you'll be able to give a reasonable answer to this but here it goes: It what war was the German army (including Prussia) the most successful or best one in comparision to its opponents. ...
#1 Country
For some reason I can hit my shots much better on MM than Faceit. Also players are a lot more triggered and childish on Faceit, at least on level 10..... Maybe on lower levels they don't tryhard as mu...
Astralis vs MIBR
omg, are Astralis back to their common choking grounds? Pls no
R8 Kioshima's GF
face = 7/10 body = 3/10
Kbabib vs Conor thoughts
I think a counterpunch from Mcnugget will end the fight in the first round, I don't even root for anyone of them, I just hope for an awesome fight
Poland 1st world
You're not officially 1st world until you start taking all those sandboys in, which supposingly only 1st world countries does
Poland 1st world
So you're saying there's a need for armies, yet in your previous comment you said "army is only for idiots". .....Haha!
GG ez for denamrk
Gratz. Where can I see Astralis and North's placings the latest tournaments? They seem so dominant, especially Astralis.
congrats astralis
Wow, how much has Astralis won lately? I don't follow the scene that much lately but it seems like they win almost every tournament they attend?
roast me faggots :)
What about functioning eyes so you could get rid of those ugly ass glasses? ;D
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Flak 88
Your Family Origin
I see, thank you for the clarification.