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War heroes from your country?
Lol xD
War heroes from your country?
I don't think Norway was part of Denmark? There was a union between Norway and Denmark, with Danish rulers, but that doesn't make Norway part of Denmark; that's still two seperate countries within the...
War heroes from your country?
Why do you consider Gustaf Horn a war hero?
What makes you happy?
Being lonely can make me quite happy
Your country best period?
2015-2020 I'm proud to say we became a true humanitarian super power; most beautiful phase in Swedish history.
Should I stop going to badminton?
+1 Gym is the ultimate medicine for beta males to feel confident
1,78 at 16yo, it's ok?
Everyone who does these kind of threads needs to start worry and work on their insecurities instead.. That's the real problem. I've always been on the shorter side and I've never felt sorry for not be...
Conor McGregor is back
I think the fight will play out like McGregor vs Diaz 1. Cowboy's size will be hard to deal with for Conor; his shots will not put Cowboy away hence why the fight will go far beyond round 1 whereas Co...
Why people hate sweden
Logical-minded take on things, but thank you so much for your input Mr. Victim of Brainwashing.
Why people hate sweden
Well, life is not fair. Their mess, their responsibility, not ours..
Why people hate sweden
Not really.. Sweden is still a very good country obviously but it's getting worse and that should never be acceptable. The leftist feminist government leading this country is not Right in many things ...