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UFC231 link?
I liked the zombie-walk pulled off by Ortega in the end taking a volume of punches from left and right and still going forward lol
Finland xD?
4:00 - Nazi fittor, nazi fittor! xD
Oh shit. I looked it up and found a Swedish site which stated 11 things that could be signs that you are introvert (I had never come across the word before you mentioned it). These were: 1 You feel ...
I wouldn't call it delusional, but it's probably not normal to have anything under 10. I'll tell you a little about myself (and this is the truth). WALL OF TEXT: I had 0/27, but I've known for some ...
Your country's worst decision?
I don't know how much you've read about this but Sweden denied German transports far more than they allowed it. Also Swedes shot down several German planes flying in Swedish airspace. Also the communi...
Your country's worst decision?
2 millions? I know one time Sweden allowed a train filled with medicine, food etc with about 20,000 (what was said to be) hospital personal etc being allowed to go through Sweden to Norway. Later it t...
Your country’s darkest time in history?
I hear this a lot from Finns, is this something that is actually taught in Finnish schools? I've never seen this claim in any Swedish literature (I'm not saying you're wrong, just curious)
Poor people :( may god have mercy on their souls.
Norway = best country
Norway = best country
naaw cute
Zowie mouse
Ok. I'm not talking about the G Pro though
Zowie mouse
I'd buy a wireless mouse, I'm currently using a G305 which uses a standard AAA battery. I've had the mouse for 4-5 months and the little fucker is still not out of battery, haven't changed a single ti...
Norway = best country
norway good but not best (Sweden best)
Germany in you language