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He was a Swedish citizen which makes him at least a Swedish-American
Lil Peep or AVICII
huh? The link is legit btw otherwise, just look at hi...
Lil Peep or AVICII
He was a Swedish citizen actually
I would honestly not care for his death had he not been Swedish.
Swedish Derby Incoming :D
Horrible ppl, RIP Avicii
Why the fuck do you care if someone is making fun outa his death? Are you that mentally weak? let people make fun out of it if they want to, who knows, it might even be fun
Finns and Swedes
Kalle, Balle och Olle?
Tim Bergling
I really only liked one song of his and that's "hey brother", but nontheless rest in peace
Finns and Swedes
Finns are quite cool, although I hate their language. But in terms of people I'd say Finns>Norwegians>Danes
Muslims in Finland
How about I come over to your house and touch you?
Muslims in Finland
Wow, tell us more about this Finland place, please
Sweden #1 country
lol no.. norway only has oil which makes them rich, the oil won't last forever sweden has a lot of immigrants which we will be able to use as fuel and profit out of once the oil is gone. therefore,...
Sweden #1 country
i agree, these americunt is stopid in head
blood when i shit
Is there blood in the toilet as you have finished? A lot? If so check it up, call the doctor. If there's only blood on the paper as you wipe your ass youre cool