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fnatic vs Gambit
It's hard to point them as the favorites with felps. They were not practicing with him at all, which affects them in a lot of ways outside the game, they won't be as motivated as they should. But they...
fnatic vs Gambit
Didn't remember this hahahah, in january/2015 I called LG(SK) would win two majors in 2016 as well, they still had zqk tho. Don't remember if they were still Keyd
avara kerraba translate this
SK vs Space Soldiers
SK = 5 consecutive wins against tier 1 teams SS = lost to sprout LUL
fnatic vs FaZe
Flusher will destroy NiKo
Coldzera better aim than NiKo and s1mple (explained)
"Their opinion" yeah like everyone said the same guy right. You should have your own opinion instead, you don't have to follow anyone's opinion. Not mine, not theirs. This is called "argument from aut...
Coldzera better aim than NiKo and s1mple (explained)
So they're obviously being biased
Coldzera better aim than NiKo and s1mple (explained)
shroud, XANTARES, byali, ScreaM OMEGALUL
coldzera > NiKo (aim)
NiKo chokes hard against him. I think he fears him lmao. I remember that 1v1 they had on overpass, same game coldzera got that 1v3 spray clutch. Coldzera faked the defuse, NiKo just had to wait 1 more...
2k hours Gn1
yeah so he could create hax and get global
"Grand" Final
+1 we wait like 8 months for this shit, should be a BO5
Coldzera hors concours!
KevinNades back at it with the 0/8 baits
Going to cost $200 in 10 months
coldzera #1 CSGO all-time
What's the problem? The game has like 5 years and a few months. He was the best for 2 consecutive years and a few months with the most stacked scene ever. So it's almost 40% of the game's time
coldzera #1 CSGO all-time
gtr did it when the competition was trash btw