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lol fifflaren hahahahaha Surely does look like it. Now, dont you have some cow molesting to get to? (And that is just the numbers that are reported to the authorities, you're co...
lol fifflaren hahahahaha
Its so obvious that it is not even funny anymore :D.
lol fifflaren hahahahaha
Indians and their obsession with raping women & molesting animals. Does that make you feel like a "man"? Go choke on your curry.
lol fifflaren hahahahaha
And you like to blow R.Lewis.
GO update expectations
no sir, YOU are a joke. the "facts" (more like brainfarts) you presented here prove just that. sAuce gonna sAuCe.
My thoughts: Most paied "Pro" casters fail, others excel.
"Most paied" - stopped reading there
-kennyS +GuardiaN
both overrated as hell.
Tutorial: How to lose games from winning positions
Yeah.. i remember some1 here calling Ex6TenZ "the Einstein of CS".
VeryGames vs Quantic
Yeah he needs to step it up big time..
Question for Saucers
Yeah, im serious. I think their results in GO speak for themselves.
Question for Saucers
oh and none of the sAuce teams still managed to even take a map from NiP, while VP beat them 4 maps in a row :):).
Question for Saucers
navi is trash in GO.
Question for Saucers
VG beat them online only. WW beat them in bo1 and before that VP beat WW bo3, both @ LAN.
Question for Saucers
Besides NiP & VP.
VeryGames vs Quantic
Just watched the vods of dynamic vs quantic bo3, the way you americans play you will never ever beat NiP.