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Kng Respect
I would guess he hates being stuck in the low levels and is trying to fix his image up so he can be in consideration to some of the bigger teams like MiBR or whoever and get back onto the big stage. H...
barely gaming.......
Same as me but im old, not into playing as much these days
My pp small ?
If it doesn't grow just stick to asians, they are used to small dicks
Old Guys Club vs Hysteria
Should call themselves Clown9
dream team?
device s1mple NiKo coldzera USTILO
If fer plays good MIBR beats Astralis
Astralis shut down mibr's aggression, it wasnt that fer played bad. They just anti-stratted them. Fer has been found out a long time ago, just like teams did with gtr in NiP. imo mibr need to mix up s...
Renegades vs Alpha Red
lol Toyota sponsored this event?
NA dreamteam
thats not just a dream, thats a wet dream
NA dreamteam
steel twistzz naf elige autimatic
FaZe options
They need young blood. karrigan is 28, gua 27 and olof 26. I would take a short term hit and cut 2 of my oldest players and bring in some young hungry guys and try develop them some more. NiKo - igl ...
First big LAN, probably gets MVP, 18 years old, wins it... yeah very disappointed in this zywoo kid
Most famous person in history?
[18+] Rate Korean Girl
Koreans big on plastic surgery
New Faze member
From mouz either sunny or ropz
Smithzz worst top 30 teams player?
not even close. Krystal is bouncing around being a merc that can also IGL, smithzz has a legit team and is fucking terrible. hes had plenty of time to get used to his positions and still cant make fra...