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[+18] best ass
Most forgotten player
schneider is a major winner, there's no love out there for him.
exactly the same as me, also the same teams.
How many Pick' Ems do u got gith ATM?
I have 3 aswell.. NRG Avangar Ence Need 2 out of fnatic/NiP/G2/C9
Renegades were my 3-0 pick :)
Nice.. I had grayhounds as my 0-3 but swapped to vici. fml
PICKEM Renegades or Avangar
RNG will go 0-2 and then get a win or 2 against the weaker teams then get knocked out going either 1-3 or 2-3. Its happened 2 or 3 times now
3:0 and 0:3 (show me your suggestions)
You have no confidence one of the CIS teams will upset and go through?
marriage worth it?
Im married 4 years. My advice is to live with your partner for a couple of years and see how compatible you are.
Katowice Pick 'Em Help Please 1st time
For the 0-3, before I would have gone Vici but after their matches against North its given me a bit more confidence in them
Katowice Pick 'Em Help Please 1st time
Im almost the same as yours.. I have : NiP C9 Ence G2 Vitality NRG Avangar 3-0 fnatic 0-3 Grayhound
friberg set to join NiP - Report
Back to the future
Mouz +2
Sounds interesting and cheap for mouz (no buyouts) but I have no faith in ScreaM anymore oskar - awp ropz - rifle suNny - rifle Ex6TeNz - igl ScreaM - rifle
Mouz retarded
Mouz need to do something, yeah oskar is old but so is chrisj (28). The future is definitely in sunny and ropz even if they arent in peak form. Maybe go for some young players like otto/nexa/hunter fr...
Need to sell skins
I dont think he loved this game. It's hard to push yourself 8+ hours a day in a game you don't have any love for especially when you are mid to late 20s and real life takes over. I wouldn't be surpris...