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NiP strats
lekro is ok pita is a good a guy but not good coach
They probably need a coach and some training to unleash their raw aim. I don't like pita's game style at all
NiP vs Astralis
Bring back a good coach. Bring back threat please.
Astralis vs NiP
rushing against an eco/stack ... n1 strat by lekro/pita
Ghost vs NiP
not true. Actually ghost are playing really good with good clutches and a bit of lucky shots Nip played a really bad 1st half
Ghost vs NiP
automatism + a bit of lucky that was nice
Ghost vs NiP
8 - 1 TILTED. running randomly. slow gameplan after the first frag. no refrags. useless lurking. take a fucking pause for god sake
NiP vs Cloud9
gtr and rez peeking with 6 seconds left. lost 7 rounds for stupid passive playstyle. losing player after player for solo plays. denis and lekro are not landig shots. none is having impact with awp on...
SK vs OpTic
these facebook streams are FUCKING TRASH
he is, but his role is the worst becuse he's always creating space for teammates
styko is one of the most underrated players actually. HE's not explosive but a very balanced player
top 5 bad things about ur country
not italians we have coasts, beaches, mountains, rivers, architectures that the whole world envies us. It's probably one of the most beautiful country in the world populated by peoples and politicians...
top 5 bad things about ur country
-italians -italians -italians -italians -and maybe italians
Best type of porn
girl's name?
Nixeus Revel