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Nike > Adidas (Shoes)
Nike Janoski, Kostons would be nice without the stupid see-through part in the back.
US Citizenship
It is balls hard to become a citizen. Ive been for 3 years on a student visa, and not even close to getting citizenship. Only way for me to do is to get a sponsor (cost the company like millions??) or...
Weed in your Country?
Na dude, i'd say we pay around 12.
Weed in your Country?
Where at? Southern you can find even cheaper.
Weed in your Country?
wtf bro, you must be from like utah to pay that much
Football and CSGO dream teams
Shaq :DDD Kobe :DDD
new shit
Beats by Dr.Dre - Great for music, also makes you look freaking cool.
we hate u brazil
They have the same fights in almost any College rivalry football game
Denmark vs Russia
This comments tells me that you don't understand macroecon either.
-fif +dennis
wtf. its like astana picking up a player from Indonesia
NiP vs fnatic
Is there a twitch.tv demo or somekinda youtube video somewhere for the final game? I dont have the game installed on my laptop right now and would like to watch the game somehow now afterwards! ty.
13' kid holding plastic ak47 killed by police
in your country a guy cant wear t-shirt and shorts without being shot by the local people =DD
13' kid holding plastic ak47 killed by police
:DDD and yet those stupid people will get more pussy in norway just by saying they are american in a bar than you ever will
13' kid holding plastic ak47 killed by police
your "bet" is worth nothing
Nostalgic lineups