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Metallica Slayer Iron Maiden But for me it's more: White Zombie Anthrax Biohazard or Sepultura
I fucking love RATM and listen to AC/DC pretty much everyday but neither are metal bands.
Awesome choices.
oldest csgo player ?
Best thing I learnt from this is that fox and Fox were only born 3 days apart. Practically fox twins.
Name a wasted talent
Pretty much every top Chinese player. Somebody, savage, crazyguy etc, also include bnTeT in this. They have the skill just don't have the structure and good enough practice or something to make a sol...
Name a wasted talent
All good players. Nico was great in the first few years of GO but he tried to make a comeback and just played like shit. Shame. Troubley is a creep who got arrested (afaik). Mystic was/is decent. ...
flusha vs shox (cheater edition)
Neither of them have ever cheated and only clueless bellends think they have. In fact I'm genuinely amazed that there are still any retards in the community who think two of the most consistent and b...
Real Prodigies of CSGO?
Stavn Stewie2k Zeus JDM64 R1charD Juliano sn1p3r_Rh1n0{2k9}
Would like to see Friberg GTR Heaton Potti Trace
Cloud9 5th
Skadoodle is the most likely choice.
f0rest future
This might be historically true but that's larger down to previous Pro players in 1.6 and Source etc not actually making enough money to live and have very little stability. After 25 this becomes a ma...
This, it always amazes me that people are so ignorant about the differences between men and women that almost certainly stop women being as good. Chess is a good example, been played for a much longe...
CoL possible pick ups
BlameF Surreal Tenzki Oskar FreDDyfrog
Oskar to BIG?
If smooya is to be replaced the syrson is certain to be a candidate
Oskar to BIG?
Yes, syrson will be the one to replace smooya if a change is likely to happen.