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Your favourite players in a team!
Guardian F0rest Snax RattlesnK n0thing
Maj3r and tarik you mean?
Top 3 albums?
High Five for G'n'R. Pretty much a perfect rock album and probably the best debut album ever.
Top 3 albums?
Fuck yeah, first mention of Back in Black. Good stuff.
Top 3 albums?
Not heard Hellyeah before but they sound like bloody Nickleback. Rubbish, and don't deserve to be named after those two legends.
Top 3 albums?
Personally prefer both Adrenaline and Around the fur to White Pony though I can see the appeal. However RATM self titled is so clearly a better than Battle. In fact it's a better album than almost ...
Pimp smart???????
Shox hasn't been better than rain for almost 2 years. And Guardian is more consistent and reliable than KennyS, and just generally a smarter overall player.
KennyS vs Guardian vs Device
Christ that fox vid is one of the most boring CS vids I've ever seen. Glad the editing has improved so much over the years!
Koenigsegg Optic Gaming?
Lolz. Would have been really amusing if it was.
Best tier 3 team?
+1 I assumed flipsid3 had all died in a plane crash or something.
Smithzz Rating vs LG
Swedish Scene
NiP: Dennis f0rest REZ Lekr0 2014 GTR using a time machine Fnatic: JW Xizt Flusha Krimz Brollan Godsent : 5 outcasts or washed-up players with attitude problems and no consistency who'll never win...
Yeah that's true. When on form though he's great to watch, hopefully he'll improve consistency wise
This. Plus nifty. Job done.
CS:GO skill drop
I agree and it's ridiculous that anyone thinks otherwise. There are insanely skilled and solid players now in teams well outside the top 10. Just look at the rise of NRG etc