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what 8 teams would make for perfect "legends" status?
SK, Vega, liquid, mouz, VP, Na'Vi, gambit, liquid, G2 and C9
day 2 risky predictions
As long as mouz keep their confidence and don't get scared by it being SK then I think they can definitely take it
major match-ups you want to see
SS vs Faze. We've seen XANTARES kick cold's ass so would be nice to see him shit on rain and NiKo too. Any map with two of these awper against each other - fallen/oscar/guardian/kennyS Sees who's ...
day 2 risky predictions
VP winning a match? Jesus that really is a risky prediction....
Flusha 2018
Stupid kids like you ruin the scene. Fortunately the scene has grown and become more professional and the silly hltv walkers like you are just stuck on here making desperate bitter posts about thing...
Flusha 2018
There's not a single clip anywhere that shows him cheating. There are loads of random moments, well timed shots and other pointless shit that really thick ignorant little kids with no real game exp...
Guardian is a better awp than fallen at the moment. Fallen is super smart in clutch play though and has to IGL so it's fair to call him a better overall player.
Thooorin and Richard Lewis
I was merely pointing out how utterly ridiculous, braindead and immature it is to call someone a "failure" who is currently travelling the world, making money, hosting major events and enjoying his ho...
He's pretty much the lowest rated Danish player of all in the last three months, and that's with only just over 20 maps played. if they payed more he'd be even lower I imagine:
MSL is one of the weakest fraggers at the whole event but he's backed by 4 players who all have very high peaks. K0nfig and valde especially can keep up with the best in the world. Such a hard team ...
Top20 + 2018 winners predict
1, snax - dominant year from VP and snax will get 2 MVPs and countless EVPs _most clutches won etc 2. Skadoodle - 0.56 awp kills per round, unbelievable. Most impactful ct player ever, amazing year! 3...
Thooorin and Richard Lewis
An obese failure who's hosting the major and making more money from a hobby of his than most of us will ever make from the shit boring jobs we end up doing. I'd like to fail like that.
olof 2015 > get right 2014 > coldzera 2017
I'd still argue that flusha was actually better than Olof overall. Flusha was fucking terrifying to play against for about 2 years, such a clever player.
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Showmatch TOP10
Cold NiKo S1mple Dosia Buster Vs KennyS Guardian Fallen Device Allu