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Top 5 rivalries in csgo
Snax was arguably the world's best player for a while. Definitely the most exciting to watch anyway. Get_right, shox and f0rest etc were all getting loads of kills but snax was doing crazy smart stuf...
Top 5 rivalries in csgo
Judging by 90% of his posts he has no idea about the scene in general as he basically seems to be clueless.
Top 5 rivalries in csgo
Congratulations on proving what a silly kid you are. I actually liked the idea of your post, it's way more interesting than most of the crap on here. But then you fucked it up by being an immature b...
Top 5 rivalries in csgo
You do come across like a massive biased SK fanboy. At least try and get some perspective if you're going to do a post like this.
Top 5 rivalries in csgo
No Faze vs Astralis 2017? Karrigan gets booted from Astralis, joins Faze, forms possibly the first superteam and they played multiple close finals etc until FaZe eventually beat them.
'Gone' pros
People forgetting the US pros like Hiko, Freakazoid even fugly and FNS. And where's JDM64 nowadays?
Flipsid3 are the best team, loved watching them play in 2019 so can't wait for them to dominate 2020
Amazing that Hellraisers were a top 10 contender for a fair while and actually looked scary good sometimes. Now they're about top 50 and almost forgotten...
ropz top5 2020?
Top 10 is likely but realistically the top 9 above him this year are: S1mple, dev1ce, g1ave, tarik, NBK, XANTARES, Warden, StingeR, zyw0o, KennyS and Pez.
HenryG gets paid over 100 English pounds per cast and a lifetime supply of tea. Stunna get paid $10k per event, but that's just to stop him killing people. Freya is paid over $50k per event, because g...
verygames vs clan-mystik
Standard 2013 rules. Used to be able to play with 6 if you were the Underdog or lower ranked team. It made games more fair.
SunNy was fucking great in Mouz, and for a while was definitely one of the best riflers in the world, especially with AK on T side. Shame he's dropped off, too long not playing at a top level and the...
Top 5 teams of all time (only 1 nationality)
1. Astralis 2. Fnatic with Dennis (better skill than pronax and competition was harder yet they still destroyed) 3. NiP. Competition was lower but they were so dominant you can't ignore them. 4. Liqu...
NEW Ukranie TEAM
Both, playing alternating matches