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There are lots of old players nowadays though and there's so much money in the game now that people can live really fucking well off it. Astralis won 1.25million yesterday ffs. I bet NEO and Pasha a...
Ta. Just looked at stats and seems he's actually still playing at a reasonable level which is cool.
Looks like Markeloff hasn't played any official game for 6 months. How depressing to see such an awesome career end so pathetically
Last few times I watched them I thought he was improving and really could have been a top player (at least as good as Edward)
Teamless awpers
AdreN to HR
Peak adreN is miles better than deadfox. I'd be pretty happy to see that change personally.
Bulldozer vs Depre
Easy for Hellraisers
FaZe vs LDLC
Bit of a shame for LDLC. Think they could have won that but a few stupid mistakes in the last few rounds and failing miserably to defend against a force in the 30th. Oh well. Experience wins over yo...
Proper Top 20 of 2018 list, thought out critically with writeup.
I appreciate that you actually put some thought into this and explained your reasoning. That already makes it better than 99% of the childish, biased and ridiculous lists usually posted. Seems fairl...
French possible best lineups
KrL RegnaM Shokk CrZ NpK
NiP vs Space Soldiers
Very accurate my friends
astralis era
Agreed. Fnatic were insanely dominant but they played off confidence and out-aiming everyone. Other teams got scared of them and that made them stronger and they played together for long enough to jus...
Skadoodle needs to retire
Ska has been shit for fucking ages. Rarely ever has a dominant awp game like you often see from Guardian/Kenny/oscar etc. In fact in his GO career he's had far more time being average or shit than h...
Cloud9 vs
This is depressingly true
Who is the G.O.A.T in csgo?
But f0rest has had unbelievable consistency now since the very start of GO and can still put up big numbers against almost anyone. Not many players have managed that.