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French possible best lineups
KrL RegnaM Shokk CrZ NpK
NiP vs Space Soldiers
Very accurate my friends
astralis era
Agreed. Fnatic were insanely dominant but they played off confidence and out-aiming everyone. Other teams got scared of them and that made them stronger and they played together for long enough to jus...
Skadoodle needs to retire
Ska has been shit for fucking ages. Rarely ever has a dominant awp game like you often see from Guardian/Kenny/oscar etc. In fact in his GO career he's had far more time being average or shit than h...
Cloud9 vs
This is depressingly true
Who is the G.O.A.T in csgo?
But f0rest has had unbelievable consistency now since the very start of GO and can still put up big numbers against almost anyone. Not many players have managed that.
Cold top3
Wtf idiot! these are not wat they siad
Cold top3
Semphis "Cold sucks" Drone "Cold is top 5 at best" Nifty "I wouldn't even put ColdZera in my top 10" reltuC" ColdZera top 3, it's not 2016 anymore! " Jdm" I once had sexual relations with Cold" Tho...
NA and the AWP
This was the question: "Why is there no decent awp in na? " So my answer is completely valid. He's in NA and he's a very decent awp.
NA and the AWP
SuNny has been "doing well" for the last year at least. He's a brilliant rifler.
Dreamteam to beat astralis?
Fallen Cold Fer S1mple Electronic Autimatic EligE Cerq Twistzz NAF ChrisJ SuNny Ropz w0xic ISSAA
I like: Space Soldiers - forever the underdogs Astralis - they're amazing to watch at the moment NRG - really unpredictable with moments of brilliance. G2 - would love to see this old school line-...
Spanish super team
Izako 'Boars', HTH
Nordavind vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
Would love to see it but who would you drop though? Assume not radifaction as he's decent, or ZeVEs because IGL. So which of hallzerk or Becker is the worst?