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Who the juddering fuck is trix?
Both really solid players who have potential to be in MUCH better ranked teams. What a waste.
most unlucky cs go player?
Pimp - solid top player in the Danish (and international) scene for the first couple of years of the game when there was no money to earn from it. Then he just slowly failed in different teams, even ...
most unlucky cs go player?
Hiko isn't unlucky he just made really shit decisions and then managed to get progressively worse and worse at the game (whilst almost everyone else got better) and ended up totally irrelevant in the ...
DHM Marseille
Congratulations you have entered the correct answer! Please insert Penis to receive your prize.
Get right - IGL/2nd awp Snax - entry CajunB - support Markeloff - awp Seized - rifle and shotgun
Skadoodle? Ska? Really? Are you sure? Hahahahahjahaja
Do you forgive sadokist?
You're not a highly paid, respected and influential public figure who many young impressionable kids probably look up to. I assume you can see the difference?
C9 New AWPer
Best awper in NA at the moment apart from Fallen and maybe nifty. Would be a great move
Best IGL in history of CS:GO
Fallen in CSGO overall I think though various others have also achieved a lot : pronax, Zeus, xizt, ex6, karrigan
Let's make the real superteam
Ultra Death Team Squad Men: Ange1 - fragging IGL beast Oskar - scary aggressive awp monster S1mple - 2nd awp and star killer H0bbit - rifling mega danger master Flamie - AK Russian shooter ninja de...
skadoodle being replaced
Cerq incoming. Best pure awper in NA right now. Jdm is really average, ska has high peaks but inconsistent. Nifty and Rickeh both have potential.
Iberian team to top 20???
Iberian/Spanish rosters have always had potential to have a solid tier 2 team but they've always fucked it up. The brief period where Wizards were good was the best they've managed. Musambani, meiso...
Next SK Player
Rumours in the French are that RpK has had an offer but hasn't agreed yet as EnvyUs are still in shuffle period and looking to pick up fxy0 and devudovek
Mouz vs Faze
Right now mouz are all just playing better than FaZe overall. Even Styko is looking solid currently, although I think he's really underrated anyway. I love Guardian (best awper to touch csgo) but Os...