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Refugee from Swedistan AMA
Are you 30 or 15?
Finnish ginger boi AMA
Is the vodka bottle empty and are you in the sauna atm? :D
Most people here are either trolling or just saying stuff to boost their own egos anyway, but in real life most people are very friendly from poland and hard working.
Hes probably an undercover from our goverment xD
You need to count per capita tho. Not saying its better for us xD
Living in Swedistan AMA
You took the bait well done. The only time people really brag about stuff is when the fire of competition is fueling outside of it people from the nordics tend to be very humble in my own opinion. We ...
Living in Swedistan AMA
Knowing Finnish people the minority complex is huge so simply talking to him should have triggered him to think Swedes are arrogant. And btw this is a bait.
elemeNt > OLOFM
What do you expect it's HLTV. You only need to look at the fact that 1.6 isn't CSGO and the comparison falls immediately as you say.
Favortie player from your country and why he?
GeT_RiGhT ofc :)
Congratulations to LDLC from a NiP fan
WP LDLC even if I personally dont like them I felt like they deserved it as much as NiP would have done if they won instead.
I want to see NiP-Navi :D But I think LDLC also deserve a shot vs NiP. As a NiP fan I think 2-1 Nip ;)
NiP vs
Cheering for NiP ofc ;) 2-1 imo. Im always satisfied if the games are good incase they lose :)
NiP fanboys
Swedish players = cheaters
While we havent always been the best at winning the Majors we have had a lot of good team through the years so it added up in 1.6 and now we have a steady lead in GO.