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Faraoe Islands
Though if you'd check the views of the Faroe, I am pretty sure you wouldn't have even started the 3rd world country banter.
Faraoe Islands
Will not agree on the Finland flag statement. Too different colours. Will agree that it looks Scandinavianish like.
spray'n'pray vs Quantum Bellator Fire
Go, Robi
Playing Ducks vs Nexus
Aurimas standing in?
Lithuania and GEC
Well, this one was funny. :D I always wondered why on earth lithuanians would hate Poland. Firstly I would think of history, but then again I was told by lithuanian that it's all about polish being i...
Excelling eSports vs Enervate, explain this play please
Edvards99 =D #nationalconsciousness
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
Too much rainbow colours =D How do you even navigate in that list?
A new Russian movie "Viking"
Which film of 2015 is it?
Life but death?
nomirsti tadu hujnju rakstit
ruskie vs turkey
Just escort it away from your border instead of shooting in the back...
Game Show Staff vs NoobTubers
Teetis will pwn them
uX vs OnlineBOTS
This could actually be legit, if he studied his enemy before, but the random crouch+spray at a short guy @mirage, which is crossing behind the wall, is very suspicious. =D
Norwegian CS scene
he said that all except vendetta are not norwegians
"girls need more touraments"
bullshit, zon1Q, either get 1k kills in ffa dm everyday or just stfu. It's not the experience you lack "because of minimum of tournaments". It's a pure killing abillity you lack. If you will be able t...
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