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imma tell my crush i like her in 20hours
Whats his name?
dream girl
my true dream girl has changed over the years but is essentially this now: 5"0'-5"3' Natural red head One of those gorgeous redheads Amazing blue eyes / smile Petite with B-C cup with those light col...
Political Compass test I vote for the Conservative party in Canada, but as the graph shows, I align almost right down the middle. The name of our Con...
Apex Legends
Abised? Is this some dated Soviet practice ?!
New NA team
Android is NOT overrated, as is made obvious by how shit coL has looked with nothing and Rickeh. Andriod is vastly better than people give him credit for.
eUnited is now the most hated team in the scene
Why? If the decisions been made you do it now, before the EPL season causes roster issues.
eUnited is now the most hated team in the scene
You're all brain dead. Swole patrol is not an org, there is no salary and there are no buyouts. EUnited simply made a roster change and the 3 players they could get happened to be free to sign as they...
you dont play with color blind mode on( changes your health bar to Yellow so you can differentiate yourself better)? are you derpo iron 4?
good pc but bad fps wtf
holy fuck kid. yes, the program is called CORE TEMP (for the third time).
good pc but bad fps wtf
run core temp. Other programs don't catch the spikes im referring to, core temp will, and you'll have a better idea of if its the issue or not.
good pc but bad fps wtf
then you have heat issues that cause the CPU to throttle. The 7***k series has massive temp spike issues. you don't list a CPU cooler so id guess its a big part of the problem. download core temp and...
good pc but bad fps wtf
unlocked processor, z270 chipset and no overclock? ROFL. overclocking the CPU will net you significant gains in games like CSGO where the core speed plays big into performance
VALVE what doink
You actually can, when the cost of delivering the product is the exact same, as it is with a virtual item like this. Being US based, and privately owned also allowed Volvo to do whatever they want. I ...
pc upgrade
Rejected? Did you pull out the Thesaurus and swing for the fences on that one? Either way, you failed miserably as the definition for rejected makes its use in that sentence incredibly confusing. I fe...
pc upgrade
it doesn't make sense as a sentence, as is illustrated in the second sentence of my post you legit downs syndrome carrier. A proper sentence, that would have also given him the needed information wo...