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s1mple going to leave F3
American Teams
Take out hiko and put in AZK. He's the most clutch and smartest player in all of NA... Have you watched him carry all those mongoloids. He carried n0thing and swag in dynamic, he carried Ska and DaZeD...
American Teams
LOL. You're so fucking new you think he was better 6-7 months ago. If anything he has WAY more interest in the game now than a year ago, and he openly hated CSGO in 2012. I know CS:GO is your first CS...
Lurppis Ghosting?
He peaked when the guy was getting off bomb. Actually a pretty stupid fucking thing to do. If he really was paying massive attention he wasn't really thinking well.
Lurppis Ghosting?
Umm. Lurppis is a huge fan of f0rest and get_right and carn you fucking mongoloid. You're just saying words because you're on the bandwagon now. You're mad lurppis says things you don't like.
dazed to iBP, hiko out of c9
No. That was Swag. Getting fucking 40 frags on dust 2 vs NiP and still losing while Hiko fucking lurked around like a fucking matchmaker.
dazed to iBP, hiko out of c9
Incorrect. NA scene has way more knowledgable players that analyze. Thorin has no experience with these players or the game.
fnatic vs iBUYPOWER
Are you autistic or something? They are nowhere near being dropped. Also "source style" what the fuck kid? Titan is 5 source players. You're fucking retarded kiddo, hang yourself and never play or com...
fnatic vs iBUYPOWER
Dignitas vs iBUYPOWER
You're actually autistic kiddo. Stick to playin in Finland probably easier to frag.
Titan vs Dignitas
Xyp #2 easy. Then Cajun because dev1ce isn't consistent
Titan vs Complexity
What a boring last round. :/
iBUYPOWER vs United5
Replace Anger and Adren with 2 others and that'd be a lineup boys!
NiP vs Complexity
Would rather see iBUYPOWER in this tournament. Although they are still a very new squad. Give them time hopefully - instead of someone leaving before they get good.
RELiABLE vs Frost Gaming
You have downs. Reliable doesn't give them shit. Neither did Curse or iBUYPOWER.