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so all the zowies have the same sensor and buttons, so it's all about what shape you like. stay with the types of shapes you're used to. I used the fk2 for years (had 3 of them) and really loved...
Nixeus Revel <3
Dark souls
+10000000 only game that could take me off CS:GO was dark souls. once you get into it, you just can't stop playing. I personally recommend playing DS3 then DS1 then DS2 if you still want to p...
+cl_show_team_equipment always on
also shows nades (not shown in the screenshot)
+cl_show_team_equipment always on
that one only shows the arrow above their head nothing else. the commands in the first post show name/nades/weapon always.
+cl_show_team_equipment always on
(wanted to add) It let's you see your teammate's weapons and nades even through walls, so it's very useful for when you aren't playing with a full team. here's how it looks like: https://twi...
[21+] rate contest
he looks like he's really pro csjoe player i'd give him a 5/7
C++ or Java
Visual C# .NET
g403 better or ec2a better?
get the g403 it's better in every way.
g403 better or ec2a better?
it has the new 3366 sensor while all benq zowie mice have the 3310 (which is older) also logitech mice are known to have some of the best clicks in the market while zowie clicks are stiff and many ...
Testing CS Classic mod
if they give a link just have the cs:co opened and then open the overlay (ctrl+tab) then open the browser there and paste the link.
Testing CS Classic mod
a lot of people playing it just go to and join someone.
Trump or Gabe Newell
lol guys this thread got 2300 upvotes on reddit: nice memes top post of /r/steam
your mouse?
Amazon page (see the reviews): mice forum thread (the most active gaming mouse forum): http://www.overc...