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Kscerato lol
maybe that had like a "diss" between the team... u cant tell. i can tell you one thing...back in 1.6 lan tournaments some of the rivals often screamed "bitch, noob, haah easy" during games and so did ...
kjaerbye legs WTF
can you sound a bit less gay? :)
elec better than dup?
yep, stil dupreeh won 10x more things than electronic and in my opinion statswise he is a bit below dupreeh cause astralis are better overall and only elec and simple carry navi,
Messi OMG!
Messi OMG!
france didnt take an european finalist seriously? I smell french tears dont be mad
Messi OMG!
ronaldinho talent > messi talent any day. its like ronaldo and messi, ronaldo works hard messi compared to ronaldinho works much harder ronaldinho only wanted parties and samba xD
-FER +kNvG-
- someb0dy + anyb0dy
MarKe Cheating WTF
did you see where the other Terrorists died? when he ran to bomb his head was in a complete different positions than the other T. so whatever...not saying is cheat... just too lucky not getting 1 sin...
MarKe Cheating WTF
thing is...when he hits them...all headshots... wasnt just luck...But INSANE LUCK or...
s1mple deserves #1 2018
device, simple, niko this will be top3. ez to predict...cause device won so much! otherwise it would be between simple and niko
Poor s1mple
simple only baiting and exit kills. kill dont mean everything, he had no impact while his teamm8s were trying to win. simple was just tryin to score kills
Gla1ve cheats thorin says
yes, bug just like BIG used jump crouch bug. everyone hated them... but no one hates this players doing this. what a fucking idiotic game...watching radar(not even the game) to kill someone.... nice ...
Gla1ve cheats thorin says
its a bug abuse no matter what you say... if the smoke is there is so you cant see or have any visual advantage. in this case the game still havent fixed this and they are just abusing it... any playe...
Device xaxaxa
nobody would be discussing anything if it wasnt for the 3 kills through the smoke from glaive on mirage. That round changed the game. as always astralis comebacks start in very suspicious ways...more ...
if it was fer hyping the crowd he would be a monkey... is magisk danish? he has emotions...like a normal person