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Shroud accuses SK of cheating
you bother replying? they have 1 or 2 neurons... they cant understand sarcasm
Shroud accuses SK of cheating
sarcasm too much for this community who cant understand that delusional or bait
if everyone think like this... there wouldnt be ppl still hungry in africa or many other places...and yet...it goes on and on...
Real lost: Pepe Morata James Rodriguez kept: benzema (who is being shit like usual) after losing these players and bale not fit yet... yes they are not super team...but in CL they make a difference...
it would make a difference....and you should be saying well done taco and not "it was his obligation" u see the negativity? keep it positive he did a good action.
even when ppl give...he did nothing more than his obligation.... thats why i deal with millionare clients and they dont give shit to anyone... and pay dreadful salaries to employees. its no obligati...
I LOVE WHEN EVERYONE IS BASHING BR FANS BUT WHEN THEY REPLY BACK U GET OFFENDED internet cry babies... call mama and tell her SK is winning everything
because those teams didnt have competitive scene and 4 teams dominated. now the level of cs is much higher...and those team are average.
pimp tweeter
all pro players know sk is the best team ever in cs go cs go reached peak of competitivity before u had VP NIP fnatic and french guys... today any team can beat each other.... maybe not in a b03 bu...
SK community after ESL win
imagine if FaZe had won? everyone would be saying niko best in the world and Niko would probably say something like...at least they won us a map or anything similar. just like he did to nip. now th...
Time to another team
yes sk suck and they are probably top5 and yet they win everything... ok next tournament u can come and say...SK wont win....cause face it... they already won too many this year and still in ur opini...
https://twitter.com/ESLCS/status/939612355390050305 just priceless... bad falllen!!!
"FaZe era"
we re on an SK era for a long time. analysts know that...you know that... ur just annoyed ur favorite team is not.
NiKo best player in the world
that is why coldzera is the best player in the world. ~ its called being consistent during the whole year.. and not some single rounds now and then and for me Faze best player is RAIN even tho u all ...
SK winning worth