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Cold Lmao
8.5k cost? that includes force rounds you idiots. everyone knows in cs go force rounds are possible and not that difficult to win. unlike 1.6 so this means nothing, it only means they are good player...
Cold Lmao
he was in 2016 and 2017 no doubt. right now no question simple is.
coldzera baiter
so being the most consistent player in cs go for 2 years cause of bait in ur opinion? its called using well your player in advantage to the team. it worked cuz he is a beast
Griezman WTF
he was already falling before the cratian player got near him... disgusting how 1 foul changed the game.
People about SmithZz
one game 20 frags = hes been hitting those 20 frags KKKKK :D 20 frags but 50 deaths dont forget -_-
-Olof +WHO ?
+ simple or cold would destroy cs go... not fun to watch
Wep. Switch Aimlock
nothing clip is just waste of time. still i would put my hands on fire if he ever cheated on lan. regarding youngsters... the ambition to become top players... in those i dont trust and probably some...
MIBR doesn't need to be totally BR
taking stewie (was the worst in c9) then taking tarik. good choices? na
- IGL glai
FaZe Coldzera
yet cold carries mibr everytime these past 2 years most consistent player of cs go yet you compare to krimz bad bait
twistz would actually be good for mibr but not taking cold
not saying they are. still just because of taco is not a reason IF THEY TAKE AWAY ELIGE" if they take nitro yeah... good move for cold
Astralis Cold good tatics good brains smart player
so he would join a tier10 team in brazil just because of taco meaning the rest of the team doesnt matter? if taco was in a tier10 brazil team
why would cold go to liquid when their best player leaves the team?