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Valorant's dead already , as predicted.
sry posted twice
Valorant's dead already , as predicted.
Well you mentioned utility usage, in reality in real team enviroment you only hold 1 position on ct on each map right, you learn 1 or 2 good pop flashes and that everthing you need if you just have g...
Valorant's dead already , as predicted.
Proof that valorant is harder or that im lvl 10 on faceit?
Valorant's dead already , as predicted.
Im lvl 10 on faceit and ex semi pro and i can tell you Valorant requieres more skill then csgo.
Valorant's dead already , as predicted.
Valorant requires more skill then CSGO. CS is about aim 90% of the time.
EXTREMELY bored of Valorant
CS has too many problems
Sounds like you are silver...
covid-19 good mens
5) Not paying credit debt for 3 months 6) Getting paycheck even tho we sit at home
is it ok to separate leg muscles ?
Squat Leg press with wide stance Walking lunges ham curls calf raises if u doin calf at all You will be sore 100% if you are doing them properly.. No need to separate unless you train 6x per week
tbf i think it's still low volume... I do monday: chest - biceps and I do 6 or 7 exercises for chest and 4 for biceps tuesday: legs - triceps 4 exercises for legs and 4 for triceps wednesday: rest th...
1x triceps/biceps? wait wut? how you gonna build anything with just 1 exercise?
How to bait like baitzera
Say "rush somewhere", then in the middle of the rush, while 2 or 3 of your teammates fearlessly enter the smoke you back off saying "sry guys i'm flashed" then just trade kills when your mates die. EZ...
Friendzone advices
1. Be an alpha and stop helping her with everything, matter fact you should ask her to help you with something. Become less available, become a challenge for her. 2. Tell her how you really feel. Tha...
KSI vs Logan Paul
How often u showrr?
If he was fat he would sweat so he is probably some "48kg kid"