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CSGO 93ik?
Quake also got 10k from the CSGO viewers while we were waiting for the finals. FPS Revolution!! o/
compLexity vs Clan-Mystik
my dreamteam approves this match :D
why VG cannot beat NiP?
No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.
Country skins
compLexity vs cuLtivation
go go jordan!
then I don't wanna know what SkAven, ScrMz and Frantic did :O
practice, practice, practice, and good fps
Help me, suddently i play bad.
hm... learn to counter strafe properly, it's a lot important since update and just releasing WASD and pressing Shift isn't enough to be accurate quickly anymore.
Leaving counter-strike for other games.
A bit of Trackmania 2, QL but it's basically dead where I live, Trackmania never hit here, so considering going to UT2k4 if there's still a community for it or UT3 if the promod mutators come out and ...
255.5 Longjump x2 in a row
1.6 mechanicss
1.3 was better
CS:GO for begginers
...not. OP: search the steam forums there's a thousand threads on that.
Post your CS:GO hours !
Around ~900, mostly last year. Only like ~100 this year, too much work.
Markeloff vs GaurdiaN - SLTV StarSeries D2 anaylsis
The reason Fiffy plays AWP is because f0rest is just too good with an M4A4 to be wasted AWPing.
Markeloff vs GaurdiaN - SLTV StarSeries D2 anaylsis
I didn't expect a professional team to be shaken by a 11-4 comeback in a map where 10-5 is the norm for CT side. They were only 1 round above average for the half, the other team can always do the sam...