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BIG vs 2pac
Yep, I respect 2Pac for his music and even have 2 posters of him on my wall but Joyner is the lyrical master. There is nobody even close to him. I am happy that someone has the same point of view as ...
BIG vs 2pac
Joyner Lucas
Ballon d'Or 2018
My life is more important for a society than yours.
Ballon d'Or 2018
Your statement is nothing just a bullshit.
top 10 countries ever
Yes, Michigan and Ohio are the best.
top 10 countries ever
I believe even a homeless man living in California is happier than a person from Scandinavia living on a welfare.
top 10 countries ever
It's not about being a superpower, more like entertainment, life etc. You would hardly find a better place to live in the world than California.
top 10 countries ever
The USA, other than that just irrelevant.
lol you are delusional
Russians Girls
hot girl on instagram = more d@cks to suck = more money = more gucci bags
Putin genius
You wish kiddo.
Putin genius
Russia is never going to be as advanced as Europe. Russia is the richest country in the world and yet you can't produce anything out of the tons of natural resources you have. All you do, is just rese...
I think it's mostly due to the fact that it wasn't easy to record a music years ago. You had to be good to became popular and such. Nowadays, it's so easy to record anything that's why there is so muc...
I agree but saying all the new school rappers suck is dumb.