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NA Hope answer #1

I don't Hate on the NA scene, I played in the NA scene since CAL season 9/UGS-Main/XPL-E. So don't even tell me I hate NA cause you'll never believe how much talented aimers does this region have compared to any region. I just hate to see the talent of NA players go to waste; maybe I have a better perspective on why NA teams are failing in overseas tournament and how can they progress on beating that giant wall of euro.

I dare an EU team export one of the best aimers from NA, you'll probably make him to another get_right.

To get a better understanding on what iam talking about lets look at the Attack on Titan size chart

Your 7M class is were NA best teams stands at this moment while the 15M class is Tier 2-3(mouz,Gplay,diginitas,Kinguin..etc) Euro teams and finally 60M Class the colossus Titan is were you have your Tier 1 EU teams(Fnatic, TSM, get it)
Thats how big the skill gap right now compared to NA teams all together. You may have all the skilled aimer but you don't have the right leader. Please don't bring me this Unban Dazed he will get us the "victory". I will tell you right now, while they're in the ban status were they remotely stay in a semi-active role only looking at demos/analyzing the top teams around the world, the teams that are actively participating in matches/tournaments are evolving the game for themselves.

NA Hope answer #2:

You can say all this NA hope but real talk the euros will always be better and will dominate until NA teams starts importing players from other region or find that Super Rare IGL player in NA which case is .001% to find(tr1p from compLexity was your last best IGL in NA). While european teams evolve as a team, the NA teams evolve by individuals and its been like that since 2005 or even before.

What NA needs right now is to explore the NA talent pool that has a good instinct on the game like a pronax or even a Ex6tenz or Hire a coach not from NA.

If they were to find this player it would be golden for the scene as you have plethora of individuals talent that has the aim to back you up if you were to find your pronax/ex6tenz.

Thats my best answer to all NA hopes. While your "Hope" ban players are getting unbanned, the euros are already a mountain ahead of your NA hope.

MORE REASON to not hype your ban players:(NA Hope answer #3:)
We hyping NA again? Hyping that the ban players will get unban? cmon the fuck on and grow up. Stop with the hype on getting them unban, if they get unban good, then we can see this "amazing" shit that is dazed gonna bring out and finally get an NA team a "win" in the international scene. But if he fails whats the other reason for it then? teammates? just out lucked? none cause your hyping a guy that everyone person knows even with his ingame leadership can't break in to semis or even go to a finals with a euro team. Stop with the hype guys and just admit, its been like this since the birth of CGS.
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