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Orbit vs GGL
Nice to see Nota and Hebb from ex Viva Algeria ^^
HLTV 2014 Rankings
I've never a been a NIP fan but yes that's really illogic , we don't juge them just for 2 bad months ! Why not they do the same system of ATP Tennis. For exemple major are 2000points , challenger leve...
102k viewers
they only think about football , the opium of people :\
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Yes , they can easily do it if they want. But, they are not professional, as exemple this year. The ministry of cultur in algeria didn't send the visa request at time -_- , felt sorry for E4us they ar...
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+1 my friend it would be a great Idea
NiP should realize this
Even they changed Fiff , it's not only his fault. Friberg&F0rest are not doing well also.. Get_Right is the only one who tried to carry :\
Motar2K > Santa
El Classico 2
Man united is like 20% on csgolounge but I'll bet on them. 2-1 for us <3 GGMU
Best Rap Artist
Aissa laBanda16
Russian commentator slem insults players
Yes man I'm with you on the point that some guys want to watch the game with the language that they are good with. but it can be also an occasion to improve our english. If there's an Algerian stream ...
Russian commentator slem insults players
I did learn my english from videogames so ...
Is ScreaM a muslim?
But why do you hate a person just because of his religion ? Its personnal. Good and Bad persons are not jugged by their religion mate. Secondly , we play counter-strike here, how wan he hate the playe...
Is ScreaM a muslim?
1000 cases opening + giveaway
Best rappers from your country
Rak 7ab netraychou ? xDDD