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in valorant for example amd's zen2 is already outperfoming intel cpus its the same for zen3 idk about titles like tombraider etc but i guess amd is heads up at least
ZEN 3 performance in CS:GO
its funny how quiet the intelfam is these days
+1 alternative u could say ich habe ... "intensiv verfolgt"
Ryzen or Intel
thats obv the point where no intelfanboy will show up anymore
Glorious Model O
there is an model o wireless coming soon and thats interesting since i switched to a wireless mouse (g pro logitech) i will never play with a cable again
Wisla Krakow
same for nip. Forest and Get_Right where THE FACES OF NIP. ppl said Nip wouldnt be the same without them and they where right. Nip isnt the same anymore, they finaly start winning big matches constan...
Wisla Krakow
Imo MIBR looks like NIP before the old core left. Forest and Get_Right had their good games still the Team wasnt able to compete on the top. Now the Core is gone and Nip added some young fresh hungry ...
NiP twist
faceplam after read this
i love fucking pansy
would u do her?
BIG fans
but didnt all the teams played online? so where is your point in that?
cs 1.6 map, name ..
6ix8ine homemap
must be so depressing to be BIG fan opening threads about how underrated these players are after they winning a halftime 10:5 :D
TO here since 2 years and no clue how hltv works there is no respect options are 1. zywoo best player (who is simple?) 2. zybot lowest player (flukeperformance)