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modern gaming
Never played it, actually
modern gaming
Story progression is entertaining. If you don't care about it, you can build a stupid character and kill everyone instead. It's only boring if you want it to be boring, really.
modern gaming
The Outer Worlds is good.
How dare you say eoNs and have that photo in the same thread?
Team trees
Yeah, I'm way too sceptical to give money to that charity just yet. I'd rather wait for some results and then donate.
Radar HACK.
That's an overlay to avoid stream sniping.
outer worlds?
I think the characters you meet are more interesting and I like the dialogue. Besides that, you get to pick multiple companions for your team and customize their loadout and behavior, Other than that,...
outer worlds?
I've played it for about 6 hours. So far it's better than Fallout 4. Can't compare it to Fallout 3, since I never played it.
People getting bad FPS on the new Cache should just upgrade.
I have pretty much the same setup and the same problem. It seems the problem is not exactly low fps (150 is fine, altough not great), but the variance between that and 200+.
I got the Panasonic RP-HJE125-K for about 10€ a little more than a year ago. Good sound and really confortable. I doubt that you'll find something better for that price.
flusha cheated at some point
Of course he did
Is CS being dumbed down?
In a way yes, but this particular line up feels like it's Valve saying "we had all this work making changes to the map, start playing it please, we'll even show you how to throw smokes"
FaZe ManCity
Trash goes well with trash
Types of HLTV user
#2 right here, very accurate
Plz Fankie, stop
How dare you?