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It's my birthday AMA
Why did you make this thread? Is it because you're an attention seeking loser?
if liquid lose this map
LG are from South America...
EU 10-0 NA
EU > NA teams. This tournament would have been a lot more interesting if just EU teams were playing. Why waste spots on NA when obviously 3 EU teams would have been better matches. NA can't even be...
EU>NA. NA didn't even win one map against any EU teams
The only way that NA will be able to compete or come even close to beating EU teams is if they move to EU. There is just too big skill gap between NA and EU. Not one NA team even took a map off a EU...
Lol Liquid got rekt. Seriously though EU > US. They just simply don't compare. The 3 US teams are the 3 weakest teams in the tournament. They will be all knocked out by the end of the day.
if liquid lose this map
Bro America just can't compete with EU, All the American teams will be knocked out by the end of the day.
best players 2015
1. KennyS 2. Olof 3. Guardian 4. Happy 5. Snax 6. Flusha 7. Device 8. NBK 9. Flame/Krimz 10.Get_Right
Very Games back
EU Talent vs NA Talent
Honestly this match was NA's only real chance of beating EU in the whole of the event...
The ugliest pro players?
3) Flusha 2) Simple 1) JW
Renagdes is joke
Renegades 16-14 - yeah mate Renegades is the joke here.
Olofmeister Top 1 atm
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKQQfzbrBes Olof is definetly Number 1 right now, it's pretty hard to make a case for anyone being better than him. It's such a shame though about how unprofessiona...
Points to take away from this post: 1) US simply cannot compete with even tier 2 or 3 EU teams let alone tier 1. 2) OP is butthurt because all NA teams got knocked down to lower bracket and will p...
I really hope you're a troll and don't generally believe that US is anywhere near the level of EU teams. By all facts and as you can clearly see from the responses from your post, it just simply isn'...