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I arrived at work on my office AMA
employee of the year
shox is crying atm
"Someone said something" seems legit
Internet speed
nice try flag changer
Shrouds preformance
whether its an excuse or not, players should be able to play on their preferred video settings without compromising quality settings in a professional tournament
Shrouds preformance
like I said, I don't care about shroud and I don't watch enough CS to know his expected performance. The fact that dreamhack cannot provide professional players with professional hardware is ridiculou...
Shrouds preformance
I don't give a fuck about shroud, in fact I'm always anti american in any CS match.. but players having to downgrade their preferred video resolution is a huge disadvantage compared to those who play ...
Shrouds preformance
if someone always plays on 1920x1080 120fps at home it's a huge disadvantage if they have to adjust and play a different resolution during a tournament..
Shrouds preformance
wow tournament PCs cannot run 120 fps at 1920x1080?? dreamhack really needs better hardware sponsors.. that's really shitty
twitch buffering
twitch buffering
twitch now uses html5 video, not flash
twitch buffering
how many people on your network? try running and see if you can measure a difference
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aaaaand that's why Argentina will always be 3rd world country
Cs help
+1 third world opinion
pro scene cheating proof
go cry to your mummy maybe she pretend to care at least