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best 90's rock bands ?
Alice in Chains > Tool /close
I r8 ur username part 2
Try me
I´ll R8 your favorite rock roll song
Lately been spending loads of plays with this AiC song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBB2OS4IoTs
Best fooball(soccer) player of your country?
Guldbollen to granen so he's the best.
VP vs QBfire will be shit to watch. Just go already and fulfill your dreams of one day breaking out of that beta-cocoon and one day spreading those beautiful alphalike lats of yours that look like the...
are u addicted?
Easily addicted to Oldschool Runescape and CoD4 Aswell as NOCCO and dopamine release
i r8 ur profile
http://steamcommunity.com/id/-prince- Check yo self before you reck yo self
Disbanded teams that you miss
1. Fnatic - Stevy, Odyx, Linqan, Kyochi & Zenith 2. Dignitas - Mark, Blackmane, Kowa, Delroo & Phantasy 3. Reason gaming - Lighters, revoltz, D1ablo, SoCLoN & dUffER 4. Anexis - kZstar, Boco, Futureee...
Working at a Restaurant
Working shifts should have you being able to choose days where you can or can't work though. And having a 24 hour work day is the dumbest thing I've heard of.
Working at a Restaurant
Yeah I do, but in the kitchen. The scheduling at the different restaurants I've worked in has had the classic work the weekend every other week. I do have time to have hobbies if I plan it out, exam...
World cup prediction thread
Sweden already broke a record with the 8-0 win against Luxemburg. Ez Sweden without Zlatan.
VITALIS vs eSuba
gogo tony
I Guess if u are a Virgin og not
Age: 20 Fav game: FIFA series / OSRS Do you play WoW: No Are you thicc: Getting into it.